May 26, 2007

Marlo and Horeshio

(Enter Marlo and Horeshio)

Marlo : It is a magnificent manner is it not dear Horeshio. Such a grand scale.

Horeshio: Of a fine architecture it is and how the rooms in the corridor look all so the same it makes ones head spin.

Marlo : Look, we approach the dining hall.

(They enter the dining hall)

Jiles the physician is entertaining the people around the table.

Jiles : Ah, Look. It is my good friend Marlo and his brother Horeshio. Come, partake in our merriment.

Horeshio: How so very kind of you doctor. I see you entertain so very well.

Jiles : Marlo, Horeshio, this is the jester Becker, Austin and Lady Elizabeth they are all fellow guests at this manner.

(Jiles introduces each by name, Horeshio and Marlo bow)

Horashio : We are so pleasured to meet you acquaintance, but you must forgive us.

(Marlo looks quizzically at Horeshio)

Horashio : We have some business to attend to, if you will excuse us.

(They leave the dining hall)

Marlo : You shall make plain you actions hastily!

Horashio: I did it for your own good

Marlo : Whatever do you mean?

Horashio : It was intelligible from your eyes, they were by all means caught

Marlo : Studying the countenances of the guests as thy neighbor them.

Horashio : That I do not contend but one countenance did occupy your study so, one lady Elizabeth

(Marlo’s face flashing red)

Marlo ; Nothing of the sort

Horashio ; She affected thy demeanor so gravely I had to take you leave of the hall as I was content thee would make a fool of thyself and injure I with that stumbling block.

Marlo : I shall not thus be misused. I shall go tend to our library.

Horashio ; Farewell

(Marlo storms off. Horeshio lingers awhile then walks off)

(The next day Marlo and Horeshio are coming from the market and approach their section of the palace)

Marlo : My eyes do not baffle me. That is Lady Elizabeth on our veranda. What wonderful turn.

(Horashio nods)

Lady Elizabeth: Mr. Horeshio, Mr. Marlo. Do forgive my audacity I came unannounced

Marlo :Not to fret Lady Elizabeth, I am much obliged, we are. Are we not Horashio.

(Almost startled he replies and bows)

Horashio :Yes we are

Lady Elizabeth: Thank you, our brief meeting yester did not afford proper introductions

(Marlo invites Lady Elizabeth into the manner where they sit and talk. Horeshio excuses himself and goes o play the violin.)

Lady Elizabeth: Magnificent living space Mr. Marlo. But I do wonder where are your personal effects. I only count scholarly

Marlo :Simplicity is my attitude and of that I maintain discreet.

Lady Elizabeth :Quite so, Whereabouts does the hail from

Marlo :The Ottoman Empire, splendid and wonderful but viciously infected by a bleeding scab.

Lady Elizabeth : I am sure it is it hath bring forth a fine seed

Marlo : And none quite as I behold

(They continue in this flattery and quizzical banter well into evening. Lady Elizabeth leaves and accounts how enlightening an exchange)

Enter Horeshio

Horashio : One could be forgiven for intelecting that thee was at court with Lady Elizabeth.

Marlo :Preposterous.

Horashio :Your affectionate carry on warrants such

Marlo : It is the order of the day, thee cannot discount the fact that we do live on the same estate. It is not overbearing to know your neighbor

Horashio :You defend yourself so well my dear Marlo, too. Shall we dine, the hour is at hand

Marlo :Ah yes, I bear the more in this change of attitude

(A servant walks in and hands Marlo a note)

Servant : Tis from Lady Elizabeth sir.

Marlo :Thank you Johns, you may leave us.

(servant leaves)

Horashio :Getting acquainted you said. I think she wants to know everything there is to know about you.

Marlo :Hush. She invites us both to dine with her in the great dining hall.

Horashio :Do pull yourself down. I think it were better if she spared me. It’s thee she wishes to behold.

Marlo rings the bells.

Enter servant

Marlo :Tell the house that today they can dine on masters’ plate, all of it

Servant :All of it! Thank you sire.

Servant exits

Horashio :The only poison to this is overbearing. Such a potent poison, like vinegar it viles all else that can be known of thee.

Marlo :Thou art unbearably blunt it is taken heed of now shall we be off

(At the dining hall Lady Elizabeth is waiting upon her guests in the company of Beckster and Austin)

Lady Elizabeth :Whatever is keeping them. The food is getting cold

Beckster :I get the intuition that the food is not the matter here

Austin :Oh do be quiet Beckster. They shall be here awhile. Come let us sit Lady Elizabeth

(Servant walks in and announces)

Servant :Mr. Marlo and Mr. Horeshio of the eastern manner

Lady Elizabeth : How nice of you to came and at such short notice too

Marlo :The pleasure is all ours

(Marlo looks at Horashio and they both bow)

Lady Elizabeth : Let us dine,

(They move to one of the small tables and everyone is seated and only two seats are left, One next to Lady Elizabeth and one next to Beckster. H seats next to Beckster and Marlo has no option but to sit next to Lady Elizabeth, who smiles at him. Marlo’s cheeks blush red)

(A week passes and Horashio and Marlo are in their garden. H is practicing his music and Marlo is tending the hedge. They are silent, finally Marlo speaks)

Marlo :What think thee of Lady Elizabeth?

Horashio :What of her, She is a perfectly accomplished lady

Marlo :Come now, do not bash, you know what I speak of

Horashio :She is handsome and thee can enjoy her smiles all day. Quite affectionate even in the little time I have observed. I can suffer to concede that much

Marlo :Indeed, Indeed. Why has she not solicited anything. Has she grown weary of thee?

Horashio :Well cause you have not solicited, you cannot expect her to do all the while, She is a Lady. That is your vice and pray it does not make you a stickman

Marlo :You before me. I have solicited.

Horashio :Your mind works like quicksand on all thoughts. It gets carried away and sinks deeper and deeper into assumptions

Horashio :Look the sun sets I shall go inside and light the coals

Marlo : Where you expecting someone?

Horashio :Why ever do you say that my dear Marlo

Marlo :A carriage approaches

Horashio :Intriguing, whoever could it be. My, my if that is not Lady Elizabeth’s carriage driver then spite me.

Marlo suddenly brightens up. Horashio turns witha sheepinsh smile on his face.

Horashio : Seems someone has not been forgotten after all

The coach comes to a halt and Lady Elizabeth emerges, Marlo holds her hand as she comes down

Marlo :Whatever warrants this honor me lady

Lady Elizabeth :I could not bear the manner, could not suffer it a moment longer without due leave and besides it offered a chance to see you

Horashio : Two birds with one stone, ma’am.

Lady Elizabeth makes a sharp glance at Horashio then quickly turns and smiles at Marlo

Marlo : inside and sit awhile

They go inside and have tea. Horashio retires to his library after short repartee leaving Marlo and Lady Elizabeth in the dining room. They talk at great lengths about perceptions and moral values where they each come from.

Lady Elizabeth : Your society would break a woman like myself

Marlo : I could not disagree more, you would fare much the fairer save the obligation of dress.

Lady Elizabeth : It is all very well Mr. Marlo. Say, do you not find these seats no longer tolerable to ones back. I would much resort to the settee

Marlo :Indeed we shall

They move over to the settee and sit with barely enough space for a living soul to pass.

Lady Elizabeth :All that you said, surely you must have caught the eye of a damsel to be yours

Marlo :Much to the contrary, at least where I stand, Had such a one but the seas thus separate us and epistles cannot keep a fire burning for long ma’am. A fire needs fueling much the often. But it is all well if ambers can be rekindled.

Lady Elizabeth : I have mine eye caught, A saltin he is, but I grow weary of him. He is always on expeditions to find a place called Africa where he swears there are people as dark as coals! Never heard such drivel myself.

Marlo :Has he seen these people, is he sure they are not devils?

Lady Elizabeth : By his life he swears, and he claims to trade for gold with them, They even walk by day he says I will only believe when I see such a kind of man. Absolutely terrifying I would think.

Marlo :Interesting expeditions he must have.

Lady Elizabeth :Interesting? I think not, Not for me in the least. He is never at my disposal and he complains I spend too much time teaching piano classes. W never really have time.

Marlo :A predicament

Lady Elizabeth : In fact I told him I had gone to Cent burry to teach a rich man’s daughters the piano when I was coming here. He makes me furious sometimes and I wish to be estranged to him.

Marlo :Matters of the bosom doth vex

Lady Elizabeth : I am cold

Lady Elizabeth falls onto Marlo’s lap and takes a cushion to her bosom.

Lady Elizabeth : Do you mind if I sleep here these few nights

Marlo :You need not ask, it is as good as granted.

Lady Elizabeth fall asleep on his lap and he falls asleep oh the arm rest and all was sound. Horashio opens the doors, sees the pair, smiles and slowly closes the door and goes to bed.

Two days later Lady Elizabeth is just about to leave.

Lady Elizabeth: Thank you for having me. I shall now go and meet my Tsikar and talk about matters of the bosom

She said looking at Mr. Marlo

Marlo :Travel safe, we might be up that way on our business that is afoot

Lady Elizabeth :Very well

Horashio :Good bye my lady

The carriage departs

Horashio :I do say dear one, I have not seen you much alive as the last days. The lady does have a turn on you.

Marlo :Indeed Horashio, Indeed. Do you think I should go up there these days?

Horashio :Certainly not, It shall only be overbearing. Do not seem hard pressed. It is the surest way to smother glowing ambers. Wait awhile and only go there in passing. Just in passing. Pray do not go to her manner. That would be poison in itself. Go to the Great dining hall at the palace. There you are sure to meet her without hinting any semblance of rehearsed actions.

Marlo :You do think these matter thoroughly, I shall do just that

Horashio turns and goes to play on his violin and Marlo goes inside.

Five and two days later Horashio and Marlo arrive at the palace. Horashio had the intelligence that the prince was holding a public ball and this was the surest way to meet Lady Elizabeth. This had Marlo as excited he had practically dragged Horashio to the ball.

Horashio :We shall only stay a moment, like men of business. We shall pay our regards to the prince and leave.

Marlo : And see Lady Elizabeth if she is there.

Horashio :But we shall not go at length to look for her, we must remain stately.

Marlo :Very well

They enter the palace. The ball was just started and few people were there. They walked over to the prince who accosted them and paid their regards.

Marlo :What a wonderfully decorated ball, just fit for a prince

Prince :It would be a pity if not a many would come

Horashio :I am sure they will be here, quarter of an hour you will throw a grain of sand into the air and it shall not find its way to the floor

Prince :I hope you predict well thought you do not stay thank you for coming. Many a balls after this one

Horashio :Business keeps us occupied much; I pray we shall be avail, as you said many a ball from this one

A voice interrupts

Lady Elizabeth :Mr. Marlo, fancy meeting you here and Mr Horashio

Marlo :Lady Elizabeth

Horashio : Ma’am

(They bow)

Lady Elizabeth :This is Captain Tsikart

Marlo is mortified for a moments glance. Horashio answers

Horashio :Much hon ored to meet you captain. We have heard much about your expeditions to Africa

Marlo :Oh yes, much intriguing

Captain :They do tend to get much exaggerated through second telling

Lady Elizabeth: No I do not exaggerate, don’t tease me

Horashio :I am sorry, we must be on our way

Lady Elizabeth: Why the haste?

Horashio : Business affairs to address. We would be much obliged at a more free time. If you will excuse us

Marlo :Good to see you, and goodbye

They bow and leave the palace.

Four days later, Marlo could not stand it no longer and he is sitting on the settee. A servant enters.

Servant :Lady Elizabeth has returned to her manner this morning sir.

Marlo :You are certain of this?

Servant :The ar…

Horashio :You may leave us now, thank you.

Marlo :I shall go to her at once

Horashio : For the first time I agree with you, make haste.

They leave hastily and awhile later arrive at the manner of Lady Elizabeth

Horashio :Look dear Marlo, there she is on the porch bench. I shall go to the town library. Bid you farewell, will suffer you at dinner time.

Horashio leaves

Marlo walks towards Lady Elizabeth and she sees him and stands to embrace him. She is crying. He rushes up to her.

Marlo :Whatever is the matter Lady Elizabeth.

Lady Elizabeth :He is estranged to me now.

Marlo :Oh, Lady Elizabeth.

Lady Elizabeth :He asked me to accompany him to view his new estate in Derbyshire. Along the wa we decided to be estranged.

Marlo :It shall be well dear one, it shall be well.

The embrace a moment longer. They stood there in the spring orchard, leaves swirling in the wind around them.

Lady Elisabeth :I am sorry for putting my misery on you

Marlo : It is well for the bosom to let it out, a misery shared is a misery well bared.

Marlo holds her until she stops crying. They talk a great length what the future holds and Marlo leaves only after Lady Elizabeth has assured him she will not bleed her bosom no more.

Weeks pass, and Lady Elizabeth becomes a regular at Mr. Marlo and Mr. Horashio manner. Lady Elizabeth and Marlo grow on each other, nights by the fire, walks in the park and book reading. She takes leave at her manner fortnight at an end.

Mr Marlo and Mr. Horashio are about to have morning tea in their dining room. Horashio knocks and pocks his head in on Marlo's door which was half open.

Horashio: Tea is ready

Marlo gives a start and fumbles witha a little red box in his hands and he quickly puts it away in a drawer and he turns with a flushed face.

Marlo : I will be right therewhen a servant enters and hands a note to Mr Marlo

Servant :A note from Lady Elizabeth

Marlo :Thank you Mr. Johns

Horashio :What is the matter?

Horashio asks after watching Marlo open the letter with his usual excitement but suddenly turns gravely pale.

Horashio :By Jove, what forbidding news can this be?

Marlo cannot speak he just hands h the note

Horashio :It is grave indeed. What a terrible fix this is. Lady Elizabeth is going to Derbyshire to see her mother. I doubt hat is the object and the note makes no attempt to conceal it. It says she will also visit Captain Tsikart.

Marlo :Rekindled ambers?

Horashio :It certainly looks that way

Marlo :She did say that their estrangement was of an amicable nature

Horashio :Do not be fooled dear Marlo, when ever it is so, either both or the other hold a hidden glowing amber from the dying fire that will much be fanned at the right encouragement. And such meetings are the occasions of such.

Marlo :I could not bear to read the rest of it, has she already left and when I she abound.

Horashio :She leaves tonight, and she is abounding in a fortnight.

Marlo :Shall go and speak to her, perhaps mine an eliciting might do the swaying of her.

Horashio :Perhaps, Perhaps her mind not her bosom is set and what if not it be swayed. Shall she not think ill of you and will that not make a great fool of you.

Marlo :I shall go

Horashio :Remember dear Marlo, you have not elicited anything to that effect nor she. I pray thee. Stay and do not bear to injure yourself.

Marlo :You speak the truth plainly; it truly is my overbearing hat would be the end of me.

Horashio :I think she hath not kindled as reaction to your esteemed values. She is a giddy lady by my observation.

Marlo :Speak no more dear Horashio, I shall retire to my nap. This is all too much for my head is as warm as an oven.

It is exactly a fortnight and Lady Elizabeth returns to her manner. She enters her hall and sits down.

Enter servant

Lady Elizabeth : Has Mr. Marlo called

Servant :No ma’am, he has not

Lady Elizabeth :That is strange, he usually calls

Servant Strange indeed, But I did see Mr Horashio, up on the fences; he was hunting game in the prince’s woods.

Lady Elizabeth Oh, I shall retire to my nap now, I will call at his manner the morrow, you may leave me now

(Servant leaves)

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