December 07, 2007

Divx Stream w/out WebPlayer

Tired of the bugs and instability in Divx Web Player (DWP)?

Tired of it constantly crashing your browser, making you loose precious time or work.

Well there is a way out of the muddy waters, a way to avoid DWP.

Divx media plays on mostly proprietary software but you can watch then on VLC Media Player (VMP)

Just browse to the page with the divx media and note the URL

Using the 'page source' function to find the url of the video....

it must end with -------.divx

For stage6 this is even simpler e.g.


I think you notice the pattern to apply it to any divx video from stage6 (the major site for divx media)

Then just paste this link under

File>Open Network Stream>HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS and then paste the modified URL there

in a few seconds you will be watching the video stream....!

Some people may say that they need to watch the videos on the move and not necessarily on their own computers. For example most internet cafes or university computer labs do not have DWP installed (no grief for them)

In comes Portable VLC Media Player. All you need is a USB and you can watch any divx stream anytime on any computer.
(provided you got a fast enough connection to allow real-time playback.)

The only drawback is that VLC Player does not allow seeking.

For alternative solution that allows seeking read here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks mate, this really helped!!

diddy47 said...

cool...thanx for the comment...the only drawback to this method is that there is no 'seeking' hav to watch the stream like you are watching real fastfoward or rewind.....(sigh)

Davey Jones said...

Wow - thanks so much buddy :)