February 18, 2008

Installing Flash and Divx-Web Player on Ltd Admin Permissions

The USB craze is rife in the student community. USB drives now can have environments for their portable software. Students are be able to use this software on any computer with the same setting as their PC/Laptop.

However University computers are a stumbling block. The do not allow you to install anything. So you cannot watch flash videos in the portable Firefox. The admin just wont let you instal the player for the browser when you try the regular 'install missing plugin'.

Here is a work around the system to enable you to install the flash player on a restricted permissions computer.

-Download Player Plugin XPI archive file.

-Extract and Copy the files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll


***FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins [the key word here is the plugin folder]

-Restart Firefox, Flash Player now works

courtesy of fabio's blog

The same thing with Divx

You must get these files from an existing Divx installation**

Here is how to apply Divx-web player to Portable Firefox:

Download Divx Plugin Archive file


- Copy these files

npdivx32.dl.........npdivx32.tlb........npdivx32.xpt from

C:\Program Files\DivX\DivX Web Player



-Restart Firefox

-Divx web player should now be available and functional for portable firefox.

The method for the divx is most likey to work if you have divx codec on the computer in question. I have not been able to test on vacant computers.

If that is the case then you may want to try Portable Divx Player (PDP). Using VLC Player to stream divx videos works just fine.

But unlike the VLC Player:

PDP allows seeking

PDP downloads the video as well!

PDP allows video streaming while downloading!

[download PDP here]

Hope that helps...

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