July 28, 2007


Today, I was bored out of my skull and I spent my time tweaking Neo . Again. I know that EboNeo is not to everyone's taste especially those of you who are fond of bright colours.

So I present NeoColors which is based on EboNeo

I will be posting the template here soon. So you can watch this space.

Here is a blog called Pauline already using NeoColors.

I could not have done it without the help of a very reliable online photo editor Phixr. It has a wide range of functions. I would have given up otherwise. It saved so much hustle altogether.


TonNet said...

I do prefer the black one. Can you please add a little tweak in the blockquote tag? Thanks again and much appreciated!

diddy47 said...

what exactly did you have in mind?

Charles Rey said...

You've done it again Diddy!
I can't wait until I have time to implement.

thangh said...

thanks diddy47.

just check my blog

but i prefer black one like yours with a background picture on the main wrapper like the red one which im using.


Spieler said...

hi diddy, i want to thank u for EboNeo :) i modified it for my blog
(http://www.berulava.blogspot.com), please take a look :) blog is in Georgian but u can see what there works and what doesn't... :)

diddy47 said...

it looks good...i like it

that is what i love about neo...its so flexible and instant content is the best huh.

anyhuu i didn't see any problems...
"u can see what there works and what doesn't"