July 16, 2007


I have recently gone on a a bit of a rampage. tweaking up my Neo.

I can say what I cam up with was an evolved Neo, not so much as in function but as in look and feel.

This is dark and all together different.

If you want to apply EBoNeo to your blog get it here and save to your computer.

(if you don't like the rounded edges one the buttons get this version).
Some people have requested a right sided main content version. I hope this is to their liking.
If you want the right handed version get it here.


1. If you wish to save some of your own widgets read at the bottom of the post to see how to include them with EboNeo. Otherwise continue with step 2

2.Upload EboNeo and save it to your blog.

3. You should not get any Widgets are about to be deleted message.

4. If you do go and make sure you copy all the widgets shown in the message and paste them in EboNeo again as shown below (otherwise they will be deleted).

5. Upload EboNeo again and save . The template should save without any error or message pop ups. Check the new look!

If you want to change the background picture,

Go to

#outer-wrapper {
width: 950px;
margin:0 auto;
font: $bodyfont;
background: $bgcolor;
background: #000000 url(http://diddy47.googlepages.com/dirtyyellow.jpg)
center repeat-x;

and insert the HTML of the picture you want and save the template. That's it your EboNeo is ready to go!
Here is an alternative image I recommend, it has a metallic gray instead of a dirty yellow hue. -here- .
To see what the different backgrounds will look like click to view images:

dirty yellow
metallic gray

NB: If you have your own widget you wish to use within EboNeo, then open EboNeo on notepad (or similar text editor) and find this section and insert the widgets you want to preserve. they will be uploaded together with it. make sure you copy the unexpanded widgets correctly otherwise they will be permanently lost.

<div id='newsidebar-wrapper'>
<b:section class='sidebar' id='newsidebar' preferred='yes'>
<b:widget id='Posts' locked='false' title='Posts' type='HTML'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<div id='LabelDisplay'>
<div id='LabelTitle'>
<div class='widget-content' id='LabelPosts'>
<script language='javascript'>fetchLatestPosts('<data:blog.homepageUrl/
>', '');</script>

Happy blogging.

(The asynchronous loading of posts and LabelDisplay will not occur if your blog is set to private)

NB: You might want to put your posts in categories like I did instead of each post having unique labels. if you insist on unique labels then you might want to consider a label cloud. Here are the simple instruction on how to do it. Promise, this will look better than a long list of labels.


Ramani said...

Awesome job! I will add a link to this in my Neo post.

But I see something wierd in your blog. If I click on a recent post, it shows up but the title is that of some other post. can you check?

diddy47 said...

I see the problem. somewhere the fetching order has been reversed. Instead of fetching the LATEST it fetches the OLDEST, instead of the 2nd most recent it fetches the 2nd MOST OLDEST! How could this have happened. Can you please offer any insight of what i can do about it

diddy47 said...

Solved it, it took no time didn't it. It's because it was a silly problem. It turns out Neo.js is not compatible with the TOC widget so i removed it. Thanx for noticing Ramani.

TonNet said...

Beautiful. I would like to suggest (On my own interest) how to switch the columns, same as Ramani just did it. It happens that our readers read from left to write and main content should be in the right side and not in the left as we have now in our NEO blogs. Can you spent some time playing with this?

diddy47 said...

I have done a bit of tweaking and managed to achieve the right sided main content with minor changes to the navigation panel. i hope you like it.

TonNet said...

Thanks it worked wonderfully but it seems something happened with my hosting. Go and see what happened.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to see the EboNeo loaded at least oncebut poor me. I've got stuck in the middle of this s...

diddy47 said...

sorry you had to go through that. I see you are working on getting it back online. Best of like.If there is anything I can possibly do , i will help. Good luck.

VampireXxX said...

Hi, just installed EboNeo and change the script a bit. But i had trouble, whenever i click the post comment link, the link dead.

Can you please advice me what to do ? my blog at vampirexxx-earn-money.blogspot.com.

Any help, advice and suggestion will be much appreciated.

Many thanks

VampireXxX said...

Hi, i just installed EboNeo for my blog and made a few change to the sidebar. But whenever i click on "post a comment", it doesn't work out. Can you please advise me what went wrong ?

Also i cannot put the banner and the title together so when i move the banner position, the text won't move along. Sorry for my bad english =)

My blog is at vampirexxx-earn-money.blogspot.com

Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Many thanks

diddy47 said...

i have visited your blog and it appears your EboNeo is broken. I can see the EboNeo signature but the functionality is completely broken. Is it possible for u to reinstall EboNeo and then tell me what you want to change then we can take it from there because right now I can't go through your whole CSS script to look for the error as I am at school right now. talk 2 u soon

VampireXxX said...

Hi, the post comment's link already work now. I like to have 2 sidebars, one on the left and the other on the right while the main article in the middle. I still can't modify the image and the title. Any advise and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

diddy47 said...


#newsidebar-wrapper {
width: 220px;
float: right;

change that to 'left'. The post column will now be in the centre as you like. If you want the sidebar on the left instead of the new-sidebar then don't alter the above but this one

#sidebar-wrapper {
width: 160px;
float: right;

to float to 'left'

diddy47 said...

to move the title find

#header {
text-align: left;

and change to 'centre' or 'right', from what i understand you probably want to change it to 'right'

for the image find this section

#header-wrapper {
background: url(XXXX)
no-repeat right; padding: 10px;margin-bottom: 10px;}
margin:0 auto 10px;

to move the banner change right to left or centre, which ever suits you

XXXX is the URL of the picture that is your banner, to change it find a picture with the same dimensions and replace the URL

hope this helps

I also noticed you label fetching function is not working, do you want it that way or is there a problem?

VampireXxX said...

Hi, thanks for the tips. I already move the text to the center or right, still not working. Maybe i should edit my banner =)

I just wondering about that label fetching also....the loading is quite slow when i click on it. Is it an error from the script or it just the server ? Also what do you mean the label fetching is not working ? Is it broken ?

Thanks in advance

diddy47 said...

yes your Labellist widget dos not exist.....this means that everytime you click on a label ...the whole page reloads instead of just the LabelDisplay....like on my blog...this saves time....maybe it got deleted when you uploaded EboNeo or during edits

It didn't work...sigh

try this now...find

#header h1 {
margin:5px 5px 0;
padding:15px 20px .25em;
font: normal bold 173% Verdana, sans-serif;
font-family: segoe script;

and then insert this in the marked place XXXXXXXXX

text-align: right;

that should solve it

Point of note, if you want the lable fetching function then you will need to reinstall your EboNeo. If you want to keep some of the changes you have made save them to your computer then substitute them after you achieve full functional installation

VampireXxX said...

Hi, Thanks for the tip. I re-installed the script again and now its work =) I'm now changing my bg color. Many thanks

diddy47 said...

glad to be of assistance

VampireXxX said...

Hi, me again. Just wondering whether you know a way to put an inline ads ? I tried to put it under post-body entry content but nothing happens. Any idea ? Thanks in advance

VampireXxX said...

Hi, me again. Just installed your template at another blog at delicious-meal.blogspot.com.

Oh i just wondering whether the label will work if i use a drop down menu ?

I put some inline ads' code to the body post but instead of in the post, the ads appear in the side bar. Any advice ?

Thanks again for this great template. =)

diddy47 said...

heya...sorry i cound not help you on the inline advert thing. I have zero background in that... i loed for articles that could help....here is one...

as for the drop down...It will work but the labels will lose their fetching function..i.e. the whole page will reload when you click on a label instead of just the post....anyway i will try out a tweak that may fix that...

VampireXxX said...

Hi...thanks for the link. It seems the error is in the provider, i tried other providers and its work. It will be great if you can tweak the label to drop down to save some space =)

thangh said...

Hi diddy , after installing Neo the rounded stuff of the side wrapper and news wrapper are gone in my blog
http://thangh.blogspot.com/ , plis help.
thanks in advance.

diddy47 said...

there are a lot of elements on your blog...can u give element titles so i can have a frame of reference/relativity...also describe how u would want them to look...

thangh said...

thanks diddy, now the looks is OK.

thangh said...

thanks diddy , i feel its OK now. thanks again for the beautiful design.

However the link (by clicking their name) to those who post comments is not working, pls help me.

thangh said...

So sorry for the previous post. i recheck my settings and its OK now.
thanks again

Gael said...

hi diddy47,
i have succesfully load Kundaistreet on my blog but unfortunetly the label widget doesn't work.My blog is public as you recommand and the label widget is present on the "model" window. Also all the posts are shown at the same time in the blog
I wonder if you can do something for me but thank you anyway for the work you do.My blog is"jenniferennav.blogspot.com"
my e mail:jeanclaude.perrot@gmail.com

diddy47 said...

hi gael
i did a blogospy of your page and there is no labellist widget in your code. The widget could have been deleted during the upload.

You can fix that by reinstalling EboNeo. **( first backup the current code)** Tell me if any problem occurs....

To show only one post per page go to....
dashboard>setting>formatting and change to 'show 1 posts per page'

Gael said...

hi diddy47,thank you first for your help,i must say i can't make it,the bug'still there.I redownloaded the scipt but still label,profil and comment are not shown on the blog.
Is it possible my computer does'nt
like the xml script?I would really like to have this look of Eboneo on my blog.I'm sure iam wrong somewhere
.Anyway, sorry to bother you,in any case thank you.J-C

Gael said...

hi again diddy47 sorry for my last com i was a bit out of ideas but i've done it and it seems everything is working nicely.Thank for your support and i am grateful for the beautiful job you've done with Eboneo Kundaistreet.Good continuation.J-C

jennifer d'orion said...

hi diddy
i'm still working on my blog and i'm trying to place an image background fixed .I've done it, but the image is in mosaic and i'm not able to get it fullsceen.
background-image:url(http my picture);
i've placed this in body{}
the blogtest:http://marsconnexion.blogspot.com
Do you have an idea?
Thank for all and thank also to ramani for his work we appreciate.J-C

diddy47 said...

background-image:url(http my picture);

try this

background: url(http my picture)fixed no-repeat;

jennifer d'orion said...

hi Diddy
i encountered two problems witch i was unable to find a solution. The first is the comments are not shown in the page blog(despite the fact i have switch the setting to do so)and the second is the links to other blogs that doesn't work:it says"error 404" on the web screen.
The blog is:jenniferennav.blogspot.com
I know i'm bothering you but...you are the master!
thank a lot to care of us.J-C

diddy47 said...


it looks like you have corrupt URLs in your link list. I did not have internet access when i looked at the problem
solution posted here

jennifer d'orion said...

Hi Diddy
Thank you for your answer.It took no time to make it rigth,just following your advice.The knoledge is priceless and it's very nice of you to share it with us. I still have a bug with the comments that does not appear in the post.Have a good day and thank again.J-C

VampireXxX said...

Hi, i just wonder whether you can help me modify your script so i can have a 4 columns neo instead of 3 columns ?? I'm still trying to modify the script but still not working.


diddy47 said...

hi VampireXxX

i have looked into your question and figured a comment reply would be too long...so i made a post here

Creating A Fourth Column

TonNet said...

Wow! You've been working hard lately. I will definetly link to this your new job!


diddy47 said...

nice to hear from you tonnet, thanks for dropping by...