March 22, 2008

New Template: Samurai

This is the new template Samurai, a very daring but assertive design.

It has live colours compared with it's predecessor EboNeo.

Besides kundaistreet Samurai is shown on all its glory here

If you want to apply Samurai to your blog get it here end save to your computer.


1. If you wish to save some of your own widgets read at the bottom of the post to see how to include them with Samurai. Otherwise continue with step 2

2.Upload Samurai and save it to your blog.

3. You should not get any Widgets are about to be deleted message.

4. If you do go and make sure you copy all the widgets shown in the message and paste them in Samurai again as shown below (otherwise they will be deleted).

5. Upload Samurai again and save . The template should save without any error or message pop ups. Check the new look!

NB: If you have your own widget you wish to use within Samurai, then open Samurai in notepad (or similar text editor) and find this section and insert the widgets you want to preserve. they will be uploaded together with it. make sure you copy the unexpanded widgets correctly otherwise they will be permanently lost.

<div id='newsidebar-wrapper'>
<b:section class='sidebar' id='newsidebar' preferred='yes'>
<b:widget id='Posts' locked='false' title='Posts' type='HTML'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<div id='LabelDisplay'>
<div id='LabelTitle'>
<div class='widget-content' id='LabelPosts'>
<script language='javascript'>fetchLatestPosts('<data:blog.homepageUrl/
>', '');</script>

(The asynchronous loading of posts and LabelDisplay will not occur if your blog is set to private)

NB: You might want to put your posts in categories like I did instead of each post having unique labels. if you insist on unique labels then you might want to consider a label cloud. Here are the simple instruction on how to do it. Promise, this will look better than a long list of labels.


diddy47 said...

Jennifer I went through you template and I could not find anything.

You must reinstall EboNeo. Use
THIS VERSION which has been customized to your blog. Upload it it straight up as it is, there should be no problem

After upload the blog should operate normally, any bugs that may have been introduced into the script have been removed.

(also check... dashboard/setting/comments to see if it's set to.... 'comments: show' & 'comments default for post: new posts have comments')

diddy47 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
diddy47 said...

Had time to test the template and here are the test results.
Test Proof1
Test Proof2
Your blog should have exactly the same results....cheers....

jennifer d'orion said...

hi Diddy
Thank for your reply .I charged the script you've done in the blog but for no result. I am sure the script is good and i have seen de test but there migth be something else around it witch make the trouble.I dont want to bother you any longer with this thank's for what you've done. I will learn a bit more to understand where is the bug.
Regards J-C

diddy47 said...

i cant find any plausible reason why it acts like that even after booting the whole script...i think your best chance is going through your blog settings or contacting blogger directly....cheers