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March 26, 2008

EboNeo 2.0 and Simplicty

EboNeo 2.0

This is the new EboNeo 2.0 template with a horizontal navigation bar.

This is a move up from EboNeo , NeoColours and most definitely Samurai in as far as better management of screen real estate

If you are a person with a lot of labels and prefer having a linklist on the horizontal bar instead then this is the version you want.

follow similar installation instructions as explained here


This is the clean cut Simplicity Template, plus generous amounts of open space

If you prefer a navigation link list on the horizontal bar instead of the labellist then just switch them in the page elements view and save...and you are done!

[there might be need to manually remove the title of the labellist or linklist once in the navigation bar for a more streamlined appearance]

(both these templates are Neo Type Templates....they have a post fetching function in javascript meaning you do not have to load each post on a different complete, only the selected post is reloaded on the same page... This saves on browsing time and is much more cool I think...)

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