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June 05, 2007

Blogopsy- great way to learn simple hacks

It has come to my attention the best way to pick up new hacks may not necessarily be consultation after all but with a blogopsy.


Blogopsy - the detailed study of the source page of a blog. (word coined by yours truly)

  1. Involves viewing the source page and searching for the target widget or CSS code of interest and then comparing with the standard the determining what has been modified.
Blogopsy is the way to go. This method invariably gets faster as one gets more practice ans oon becomes second nature. Using this method I learnt how to put neo type borders around individual page elements. I did not require a tutorial, doing blogopsy of Ranami's blog provided me with all the information i needed.

Via this method also I grasped the idea of inserting image backgrounds on the header and below every post from Jackfruity. You get to discover the code. A sense of discovery, in my book, is better than spoon feeding!

So why don't you try it before you go and consult, learning the new hack that you like might be easier than you think. Remember to back up your current template before any medling.

But this method is limited by the complexity of the hack, The more steps are are involved the less blogopsy is likely to be enough for the job.

And you can pick up cool hacks or rather template tweaks to make your blog snazzier, like adjusting the sizes, shapes and colours of elements, since the more you blogopsy the more you understand the code and the more you will be able to shift it around.

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