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April 27, 2008

Why XP can beat Vista Anyday

I have no love for Vista. The sight of Aero makes me sick, and the sight of that turning wheel almost drives me to near computicide.

Aero drains too much resources for what it is worth...which is just eye candy. No one in their right mind would sacrifice power for eye candy. The economic (or rather the sensible) user wants all the memory and graphics resources dedicated to actual work not making the desktop look pretty.

Vista assumes everyone has a souped up computer which frankly just like Santa Claus is just not true. The irony is that most of the machines being shipped with vista are not configured to vista...they just barely manage to keep the guzzler going. Whilst on the other hand Xp is just the right candidate...low power demand and is the 'green-car' of OS's...it performs well on low RAM even better so on souped up machines

Besides it has been demonstrated again and again that Vista becomes sluggish on the average computer. Microsoft was asked about this...they said Vista was designed for machines of 2GB memory and up. In other words

"Poor people we hate you..."

So the average machine has already been written off by Microsoft...so logically one would think they would encourage us serfs to stick to XP, no they are killing XP in a few months....so much for support.

The most compelling reason to hate vista is that it is half-baked. It does not come with all the necessary drivers for printers, audio and video drivers. It is just too much hassle to get hardware to work on vista that works effortlessly on XP. Microsoft's response....
"You just get vista...vista is the future...we'll fix things as we go along...look we have a service pack less than a year after release..confirming vista WAS half baked...now get in line."

Vista completely ruined the folder heirachy system that all XP users had gotten so familiar with. The Purpose of an upgrade is to make the user experience easier and better...not harder and inconsistent...Microsoft seems to miss that tit bit of information. I believe what makes a winning OS is consistency...users should be able to do the same operation the same way regardless of what version of the OS they are using...they should NOT need a new manual because they got an upgrade

With XP you don't have to break a sweat to hunt a file or folder down. When a problem occurred you can actually declare war on the XP system. The folder hierarchy in vista makes that almost impossible and the 'Vista's permission feature' almost guarantees that.

in Vista the folders are all over the place. have new names...virtually unidentifiable...roaming, appdata, history and the sea of dead links do not make anything easier. What is the purpose of the dead links by the way. It completely eludes me.

What was so wrong about XP's files heirachy? If XP was working so well,which I and +70% windows users assert, why did they not just improve XP and not chuck it out of the window like a puppy with rabies only to grapple with something untested and frankly not so user friendly

The UIA and search indexing is one of the most annoying features on vista. Who ever designed that...you weren't doing any user any favours buddie...it is like being stopped by the police every 100 feet on the highway. Almost every folder operation requires permission or some kind of verification...its not helpful...its annoying. Who told Microsoft users want that anyway?

For an OS that users buy it sure does little to listen to the users or consider what the user wants...fast and hassle free computing . I realised you need permission to delete certain files. Hell, I paid for the computer...I should have access to ALL my files from the get go. I shouldn't even loose a minute tweaking anything. This should be a given as long as you are the administrator and not a standard user.

What is with the new sidebar...horrendous. The folder display makes me ill. XP had the sidebar display just perfect. It had the things you actually needed on it...and the switch from folder to features is completely gone in Vista.

Vista is far from turning my fancy...its not ready...it is too heavy on the system with very little to show in as far as improved performance...and considering the time spent trying to solve its myriad of glitches and problems it certainly has not made a positive user experience and certainly decreased actual work efficiency

Talk about counter productivity.

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