May 11, 2008

Everyone is equal?

Everyone is equal...

Yeah, everyone is equal, some more than others.

21st century thinking goes with the façade that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and therefore will be treated in the same manner. Really now.

A bomb blasts off nearby, you and your friend Amil are late for work and are running for the bus, the police are out there like its world war do you think is going to go. I bet you'd be watching the game at home tonight but your friend will have to do a little more convincing...maybe even after a round trip to some 'unknown' destination.

This thing called democracy that the western world is peddling at missile point sounds like a nice thing but when it gets down to the practical details it tends to cut a lot of corners, sometimes avoiding the whole track altogether depending on your status.

Take the not so distant Paris Hilton thing...thing don't know what else to call it because no such high levels of BS has been put on prime time news. She got let out of prison early because she was claustrophobic! If ever there was a true mockery of the whole judicial system, this is a shining candidate.

Pete Dougherty was released from prison early because there was overcrowding. What?! It seems like something a comedian would come up with but judges and lawyers in frocks and suits came up with this. So they had no space to keep Pete, a drug multiple offender for possession and use but they had enough space for some poor guy who killed a cat? The prosecution could be seeking 6 months prison tern for the cat killer. Shining beacon of civil rights right there.

Does anyone not see the double handedness in this. If you are a nobody the law will crush down on you like the wrath of the Old Testament God, but if you are of high status and can push the numbers you not only piss and crap on the law but also get paid to tell the story to the media.

America has its biggest one. The OJ Simpson trial. I bet you if OJ was janitor at some public school his ass would be serving double life or be on death row right now. His celebrity and $$$$$$$$ carried the day for him. I believe the race card was not the deciding factor in the trial it was these two.

Lately the Prince has been flying round England with his new toy... flying to parties and picking up his girlfriend(s) and what army Chinook, yes a great big helicopter, you couldn't hide it even in the Amazon jungle. I wouldn't suggest any army man, or lady, try this because they would be court-martialled before they could land that flying tank on the next airfield. But no, William can do that because he is the prince? He not only admits to doing it but further insults the public by defending it as if its 'ok'...No wonder they killed the royal family in Russia, if he wanted to gain flying hours then he should do it like everyone else does it in the army. It's not like is is actually going to go to war, supply trips hundreds of miles behind the front line is as close to action as he will see. Not only is he wasting tax payers money guzzling down Chinook fuel on his chick-mobile/chopper rounds but aren't these very same Chinooks badly needed some place else...I don't Iraq maybe!

Then there is ol' pal Rooney. He avoided getting a 30 pound ticket. Geez man...Rooney the miser. Rich people should actually get a double ticket. The man earns thousands per week even if he does not play, just by sitting on the bench he gets paid, why is he complaining about a 30 pound ticket which he had clearly broken the law. Now had that been some average Joe that guy would be signing an extra cheque at the end of the month, almost guaranteed. Maybe the officer was star struck?

That is another problem that exacerbates the situation, the public and officials being star-struck by people of status that they give them preferential treatment. Ok, people may awe at them but also go as far as diverting the course of justice too?

I recently read of a man getting a criminal record for leaving his been open a few inches too wide. Yes you read right, I wonder how things would have gone had bin belonged to Buckingham Palace. Hmmm...

If your status is high enough and you have enough people ogling at you, you can get away with pretty much anything from drive and drunk to murder and chances are you can get paid for it too.

World justice, the UN, don't get me started. This picture is really what I think and we all know which countries are the top pier with veto powers despite all fairytale appearances. And when it comes to biting they have as much gnashing force as ol' Tom from down the road, arthritis and hip replacement.[picture credit]

This proves true on national scale too. For example the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Program. I think this picture says it all in the best way.

One only has to consider the circumstances in which Israel came to exist and become a military power to reckon with, which under normal circumstances would have had a snow balls chance in hell, and you'll know why the big five turned a blind eye to this but are all guns out on the merry bunch.
[picture credit]

People rave on about the holocaust, which indeed was a great tragedy but I get kind of irritated when the media plays on it as if Jews are the greatest sufferers on the planet, no they are not. They had the British and US make the a nice country out of thin air, they have nukes plus the might of the us army as an ally. Besides, the way they treat Palestinians no longer qualifies them for that wounded child attention. it just goes to show any powerful bastard is exactly that...a bastard.
power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely
The people who really have had it bad are the American Indians. Those guys are nearly extinct as a people and as a culture. Not only was their land completely invaded and overrun ...the invaders went on to make movies about the Indians being bloodthirsty barbarians ...when in fact those alleged acts of violence was homeland defense, something Israel publicly claims daily after attacking Palestinians.Those cowboy and Indian movies are actually genocide being portrayed to paying viewers.

The few Indians left, considering they were approximately half a million strong before the invasion are now on reserves and and fewer still dotted all over. It's like the next door guy moving into your living room and putting a stool in a corner

This is your stool Pocahontas, this is your corner and your corner alone, there is no carpet or great view there...but that is all yours. Now if you'll move out of the way I'll have to move in my bucker lounger

To top it off Indian lingo has been relegated to naming war ships like the Apache, Chinook and others which by my reckoning an Indian has never flown or atleast patroned. I wonder if some kids asks the teacher during PE class
This Cowboy and Indians is so fun. The Indians were really cool...what happened to them?
Oh we wiped them off the map, they were kinda living on the land that we wanted.
I'd like someone to say that. see how that goes. This reminds me of a quote from literary Sherlock Holmes, the master of deductive observation, which I modified...

The law is what we live with, justice is merely a guest.


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