May 26, 2008

Of Ultrafeminism & Cynicism

If you are a guy these are woeful times. The feminist bandwagon is steam rolling on into the 21st century. There is now new legislation that states that men/fathers are NOT needed in the upbringing of a child.

People actually met in the House of Commons to decide this! Unbelievable what people are occupying their minds with these days. This is a sign that the world needs another Hitler, its been 50 years already. Supporters of this new bill said

"...the law is not an attack on fathers.."
Whatever sweetheart. Yeah I bet the first things the western settlers said to the Red Indians seeped with such sincerity. That is what the first pirate said to the merchant captain...

"we are just tying our rope to your ship to stop us floating away".

We all know how that turned out.

How do such things get voted in. Who provides the evidence or even conducts these studies about father or father figures not being necessary in a child's life. This bunch of red faced dames really have a bone to chew with men huh. We can;'t manhandle them so lets castrate them in the eyes of the law. Is this what is happening?

I heard of this women's group went to court about the name of manholes. They said the name for the hole way sexists so it should be changes to work/service access way/hatch. How trivial can you get ladies. Its a hole in the ground. anyway I don't see a line of women falling over each other to get jobs in those kind of places so what is bothering them.

If you think that is ludicrous then you haven't heard of the women trying to change the spelling of women to womyn. Yeah you read right. If they can be vented up about trivial names and spelling then they will be whole panzer divisions to oust fathers from parenthood.

Well I think they get most of the kindling for their fire from this politically correct movement that has gone into overdrive.
Too much of anything ain't good for ya.
Now is that an understatement.

Cynicism , I find is the only true state of mind that has constant rewards. If any ideology should be elevated to the status of a religion then it is cynicism. But I being a cynic know that it will never happen. That is the beauty of it! Cynicism and pessimism kind of flow with each other. Because If a cynic is right then generally bad things happens or get worse.

When I heard there was going to be a debate about whether to allow human-animal embryo hybrids, I laughed at myself. I was in the car drinking some juice and I nearly spilt it all over my jeans. That debate will be the greatest farce in modern legislation I thought to myself. Being a cynic I reasoned that all the interested commercial parties had already secured votes in this 'debate' (by whatever means, doesn't matter really, all that matters is the result.)Sure enough the debates came out as YES.

To bad you greenies and activists, why don't you spend your streetcorner cup collections on sending food to Somalia, we have a multi-billion dollar high tech medical lab to build now.

The greenies and the activists don't even have the money to appeal or sponsor a representative to lobby for their case. Unlike the industrialist who can burn billions

"Now we don't want o see you protesting on our building sites. Our 1000 dollar/hour lawyers will sue your pants off. Besides intimidation, harassment and threat of or actual damage now fall under the Terror Act so better watch it Robin Hood.

In as far as this merry-go-round goes...I think in the long run that corporations will have more say in what happens or doesn't happen, more than the government. Now with all these new patents coming up. Patents owning human genes. patents owning seeds, patenting of ownership of rain/lakes! At this point nothing can surprise me any more. The corporation has the advantage of having the same rights as a human so can own property , sue or be sued but unlike real humans cannot be held fully accountable for its actions, in other words you can't send a corporation to jail.

What is next, buying off chunks of the Amazon Forest, If I am not mistaken they are already busy on that one.

One cynic once said

The advantage of being a cynic is constantly being proven right and the occasional instances of being pleasantly surprised

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