June 25, 2008

Download Any Flash Video with Firefox

Firefox is a great web browser as it allows high levels of customisation in aesthetics and functionality. Especially functionality. You don't have to be content with factory defaults or company cheddar.

If you love anime like I do or just into collecting videos and music you know what I am talking about. You wouldn't be able to do half the things you don in Firefox in any other browser.

I have no qualms with the video download add-ons available for Firefox BUT they seem to have shortcomings. Their are usually for a specific website like youtube and some sites are to much for them to handle and some don't even recognise a video on a page and some are just memory hoggers. That is unnecessary baggage given Firefox is fighting to loose weight in that department.

Instead of having an extra add on for video grabbing let AdBlock Plus do it for you!

ABP can grab any video for you.

1. Navigate to desired video web page.

2. Right-Click the ABP icon and select Open Blockable Items.

3. In the search-bar type in flv
[for youtube videos type in get]

4. The list will shrink to just one URL. That is the URL of the video! Right-Click that URL and select Open In New Tab

In a few seconds a Firefox download pop-up will appear. Save the video file to wherever you like.

NB: Make Sure that before saving the video has a flv extension e.g. rrrrrrr.flv

This should work on any site. No extra add on needed

ADP two in one...

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