August 03, 2008

X Files I Want To Believe

I am a devout x-phile. I watched it from the first day when a coy Dana introduces herself to the cynical Fox Mulder right up to the very end with Cigarette Smoking Man in the cave. The suspense, the longing the angst. The good seasons and the few half-baked ones. Oh hell guts and blood I stuck to it because I loved Mulder & Scully, all they represented, that much.

The first movie Fight The Future was every x-philes wet dream. They could not make it long enough. The series episodes that proceeded it were all an excellent follow up. This movie was focused on the conspiracy arc of the franchise but Carter wanted a stand alone story on the second movie.

I have always been weary and cautious about pulling a phoenix move. Cases of Michael Jordan and most film sequels do everything to deep set my deposition. So when the new movie was announced I had reservations but then I thought of Gillian and David's strong on-screen could you go wrong with that.

Turns out very. Not with them, they were excellent but they alone could not deliver a film. This film was frustrating beyond all belief. Turns out the film wasn't an x-file in any way, certainly not by the general accepted definition last time I checked. It was just a run-off-the-mill crime drama with some Frankenstein meats Hostel villains. This 'stand alone story' is uninspired, it only serves to drag Fox Mulder and Dana Scully through lengthy talks that leave an x-phile non the wiser at the end compared to the beginning.

There were no 'revelations' or 'anwsers' as the promotional gags went and now that I have watched it I fail to see what they were so hush hush about the was absolute trying on the nerves.

Even the most devout X-philes fan had their faith tested by this addition to the franchise, which despite big drum rolls had no cannon roar but just the fuse going poof. This particular case, its an insult to the work of Mulder and Scully to call this an x-file, could have been on CSI with Grissom and his motley bunch at it.

What this sodding wet movie has managed to achieve is threaten to tarnish the show's well-deserved positive reputation with a routine and nearly suspense-free thriller plot that feels like it should have been scrapped like a manuscript. This could destroy all chances of making an x-files movie franchise. Talk about undoing the work of 9 years in just over 90 minutes!

But you know. I will pretend that this movie was never made just like some dreadful season 8&9 episodes, for the sake of my love affair with the show. You know like you would forgive your spouse if the cheated on'd try to forget or pretend it didn't happen to preserve your relationship with them. that is what I will do.

Here is hoping the planned conspiracy arc movie floats the deck...for the sake of this x-phile's love affair.

PS: What is with the long hair on Scully. Hair lower than her neck...doesn't work...yeah that's right. Didn't work in season 9 ...doesn't work now...won't work any time in the future. Do we need a bell for this ...really?

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