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December 11, 2008

Permanently Disable Youtube Annotations

I'm not particularly a fan of youtube but youtube has its uses

Recenlty they have introduced annotations to vidoes which \I find to be distracting and annoying more than 'helpful'. They are like spam or pop up ad or something develish like that

Here is how to get rid of them.

  • first you need to be browsing using firefox with the adblock plus extension installed
  • open youtube and visit any video page that you know has annotations
  • right click the adblock plus icon
  • click 'open blockable items' on the context menu
  • type in 'module' in the search bar window that open at bottom of browser tab and press enter
  • right click the result* that comes up and select 'block this items'
  • close the 'open blockable item window' and reload page
* result should look something like this :

no more annotations ...!

from now on all youtube videos in your browser have no annotations!

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