July 16, 2007

ScrapBook function on Blogger

I have been using the scrapbook extension on my Firefox to back up web pages that I never want to not have.

A website could change its content or close down or worse crash without notice.

You need to have those pages you need the most preserved so you can access them whenever and for reference.

This extension has proven invaluable when I study and am collecting notes from my lecturers who all have notes on the school websites but the notes are changed on rotation.

I was wondering if this function could not be brought to blogger.

A function that allows a blogger to save ALL their posts at the click of a button.

I know everyone dreads the thought of loosing 2 or 4 years worth of blogging after a crash or some such accident.

At the click of a button:

ALL the posts could be downloaded as HTML documents and their accompanying Style Sheet and saved in one folder on the pc as backup.

This could be a neat way to back up posts, instead of individual manual backups.

I realise there is going to be a problem with images and flash embeds but they can be saved as links during the download.

What is essential is to save the writing which would be hard to reproduce after, say 3 years!

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