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July 30, 2007

Firefox Portable Edition!

I have just got my Firefox Portable Edition.

All I can say is that it's Wonderful!

Who would have thought anyone would be moving around with firefox on their flash drives.

Any computer you go to just plug in and there you go all you preferences setting, add-ons and passwords with you!


Its like working on your pc (i donno about mac) at home, the browser behaves just the way it does at home

Top Extensions

Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper
Tiny Menu
Online BookmarkManager

Try Portable Firefox today, i bet you'll love it.

Other recommended portable freeware

Portable Eraser
.........it completely deletes files and leaves no recoverable traces

Portable 7-zip...........uncompress/compress virtually any compressed file

Portabale VLC Player
...play virtually any media format with this dynamic player

Sumatra Portable PDF
.....lightweight PDF reader...fast and easy

Portable Notepad.......self explanatory

Portable Toucan........for portable file encryption...to protect those sensitive files on the go!

Other similar ones found at Portable Apps

Portable foobar2000
......lightweight audio player, highly customizable, low RAM demand and easy to use

Pstart or PortableApps Menu*..................very good environment for USB drive portable sofware...good for application management and folder management.
*only with .paf.exe applications

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