December 18, 2007

Mika Michel

Michel walked out of the internet cafe. He walked briskly along the sidewalk. He had just received the message.

He checked that e-mail everyday and that morning it was there. He had to get this to the others.

As he walked on he could sense his stalker getting nearer. Michel turned into an alleyway. His stalker suddenly dashed for him. From the corner of his eye Michel caught the shine of a blade. As the stalker came down from above Michel ducked down and moved sideways clear of the strike. The stalker slashed upward. Michel blocked the deadly attack with his left hand, the blade went flying under a dumpster. In an instant, vice like hands gripped his throat.

Michel's eyes bulged out. His hand groped around frantically. Finally he felt the cold stainless steel. He felt the familiar curves and angled just right the he pulled two times. The huge figure hovering over him slumped to the side. Michel made to walk. Everything around him started to move in a blurry haze. He took one step and collapsed onto the ground.

Michel woke up with a start. he got up and heaved the dead man into a dumpster. As he slouched into the garbage the contents of his pockets spilled out. They were polaroids of him and Mika was in some of them. Michel quickly shoved the photos into his pocket and walked out of the alley.

Mika sat in the cafe across the hotel. She waited for Michel, she wanted to talk to him then she noticed him as he walked then saw him stumble before gripping on the side rail. She looked around her, everyone was busy on their computers. She crossed the street and went into the hotel.

She knocked on the door. Michel opened it with the Gladys pressed against the door. Mika had never seen such a dark face before. She was taken aback. Michel quickly tucked the gun under his belt behind his suit jacket. Mika stepped forward when she saw his bleeding hand.

"Your hand is bleeding."

She came in and closed the door behind her. She dressed up his cut.

"I used to go to nursing school before...."

Michel made sighing grin.

Mika looked at Michel, the dark cloud had lifted from his face. She embraced him and rested her chin on his firm shoulder.

"I don't know what exactly you do but I know its dangerous."

"So you know you can't stay here any longer.

"Why have you been good to me?"

"Because you are you." Michel pushed her an envelope.

Mika looked inside. There was a passport and Nursing graduation certificate an ID and a credit card with the alias Dana Mulder.

She could hardly hold back the tears as they welled up and dripped down her plum red cheeks. She stretched out her arm to hold his face in her hand.

"You need to go now."

She got up and left the room, leaving him seated in the couch staring onto the wall. She walked away with her open palm pressing against the walkway. Mika drew sharp breaths as she struggled to breathe. The pain was overwhelming. She clasped at her chest but she could not touch the hollowness.

God, it hurts so bad, help me.

As the elevator door opened she put on a brave face, wiped her tears and walked across to the cafe. She sat in the window view seat. She watched the hotel door.

A few minutes later two men emerged room the hotel with a third man between them. The third man was practically being carried away with blood all over his face. Mika rose up to see. The third man was Michel. Michel was shoved into the back seat of a waiting dark car. With glassy eyes Mika watched as it quickly sped away.


Marian walked out of the platform office. he walked towards the exit point. One step at a time in an unwavering manner. From the corner of his eye he could see three men rushing out of the office. Dark blurry figures. Then he heard the blow of a whistle. It was like a thunder clap that shook his very soul.

His knees melted under him yet his resolve to walk on overwhelming. His hand slowly slid to his side and clipped open the catch. He pulled out the Berretta.

I have no regrets

He turned and fired at the troops approaching him. With dashing sped he turned shooting down soldiers in all directions. One, two , three fell

This is too easy

He turned on his heel. That's when he felt it. It was only for an instant. His back felt warm. He reeled back and as his head swung in the air he could see flashes of light.

I can't hear a thing.

This was it. He fell in a heap to the ground. His face was half turned as it hit the muddy soil. The clouds were grey up in the sky, yet he could see a break where the sun shone through.

He wanted to breathe but something told him not to fight it. It was over.

What a day to die.


Five men sat around a small coffee tabl in an obscure room under dim light. All the men had hard expressions on their faces

"The war has broken out. The incursions have flamed out into full combat. It is now the third week"
"whe are we going to implement Operation Shinigami?"

The men continued to debate in low voices as the November rain pelted th undergrowth surrounding the obscure building.

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