May 28, 2007

Frame Webpage In Blog

Do you want to embed a whole web page on you blog?

I got good news for you, It can be done.

Witha a framed page you have
a. Easy accesse to your favourite pages
b. You can navigate you favouie pages WITHOUT LEAVING you blog page!
c. saves time with bookmarking and searching.

But first there are some thing you need to tweak out before you can have a ood looking embed.

1. Go to Customise> Edit HTML.
Once there you need to increase the width of your blog main column so that it can accomodate the page.


#outer-wrapper {
width: 660px;

and adjust to a suitable width. (800px to 1100px for webpage like view.)

adjust the sidebar wrapper to a smaller width like 100px

NB: This feature does not look very good on a 3 column blog. If you want this you might want to opt for a single column blog

If you do not want to change your blog lay out for this just create a new one and direct link it.

2. After, insert the following HTML code in the blog post you want the webpage to appear in

Remember to adjust the width of the page in the HTML code to match the width of the main wrapper.

Here is the code.

You can also control how long the page will be by adjusting the height

<iframe src="TARGET URL" width="1000" height="700" noborder></iframe>

Here is an exapmle using

<iframe src="" width="1000" height="700" noborder></iframe>

Click here to see an example of a blog using this frame

Happy blogging

Hope this helps

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