May 27, 2007

Image Link & Text Box HTML Code

Ever wondered how its done. Making image links is quite simple with the right HTML code.

Most codes you find do not allow you to ad just the size of the image. This one can. Simply tweak the parameters until they suit you i.e height and width.

It even works on browsers that block images. When a browser blocks an image the taxt after

alt=" Text Here" will appear

The following code provides the image link below

full image URL

Text in red is your the intended site. Text in green is the URL of the image you want to use as the link. Blue text is what appear if the browser blocks image so that the person can still see your link.

Produces this

Visit Muse; My Blo

Try it out

Happy blogging

Text Box

The text box used above can easily be generated using the code below

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