May 26, 2007

What Could

Sometimes I wake up and look out my window…
Wonder what this all about
I slowly realise without L. O . V . E this be vainous
T'ain about what can be got
Even if I touch the sky
Great men break at the end
Where shall I be that day

None of us can escape our fate
One day to answer for it all
Yes, It is easy to cloud myself with pomp, and assure myself
But human knowledge is as constant as the wind
fourteen hundred cubics cannot hold it
Sooner lost than begot
Like the hot sands rush through under vise grip
Like a mirage it cannot be held

Is it not funny, I knew the cammandments
Needed no telling, deep down
Is That my conscience - the voice o' salvation
Or should I listen more to the voice o' temptation
Like the true falling of man
I know my future looks brighter in the presence of the MAN

The astute I was, am and can still be
Nothing promised tomorrow today
Not fame, but tame
Don't sell yours, you will be damned

Ashley, homeboy if I could do it again
I wouldn’t do it the same
Could a shoulder
Could an ear
Could they have made things different
It's a gyre
Driving me on edge sometimes
I’m sorry you had to go that way
I could never pretend to know your pain that day
Oh my GOD this is going to be a long night
I lay my head on the pillow
And I stare into the darkness




Fiddes von Lochinvar

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