May 26, 2007


A bright light. A low hissing sound

It stang to open the eyes. Mugan winced and opened them again. He was in a room with white walls. He raised his head from the platform he was on. There were four other platforms and four bodies on them.

One immidietely sat up when she saw him move.

'Where are we?"
"I don't know, that's what I have been trying to figure out for te last God knows how many hours." she replied
Mugan looked around for a while.
"I can tell you this ain't any like prison I ever saw."
The girl introduced herself as Sharon. They talked about the possibilities of where they might be. They grew tired and fell silent waiting for the others to wake up.


The five sat around the food bar in thr bright room. They had exhausted every option. There seamed to be no way out. There was no door!

The sound of hydraulics.

Part of the wall moves out and slides sideways revealing a doorway. There stood a woman in strange garments. She looked at them.

"Do not be afraid. We are our kin"

"Why do you have us here, what do want with us?" Xena asked in an increasingly agitated voice.

"I am an American and they will look for me.You better let me go!!" Sean uttered.

Xaviar stood at the back of the group. Mugen turned and if he was not concerned about their captivity.

"We are not captives!"

"What?!" all four heads turned on him, "Are you blind, look?"

" This room is not a prison. It's depressurisation chamber. That explains the hissing sound."
"You mean like deep divas coming up from the ocean?" Sharon asked

"Yes we seem to have had a somewhat similar experience and only now is it ok to open the door.There we are not her prisoners." Xaviar said whilst turning his head to the woman at the door.

"Yes you are not my prisiners but my guests. My name is Yula. you will see the others at the meeting. You wil find in the lockers below the platforms attires that are suitable for you. I will come back and lead you"

With that she turned and left the room.

The five looked at each other in puzzlement.

"Meeting?" Sean said with a questioning eye.
"Decompression?" Xena added.

"Hey, Xaviar are you telling me we are in a base under the ocean. because that is the only thing that makes sense to me." Mugen put in, " We live above the ocean so we can't be decompressing out of it."

"Yeah unless we went into it and an atmosphere was created below it, and we need to decompress out of it there. Right?"

They all turned to Xaviar.

"Your guess is as good as mine."


he five found themselves sitting round what looked like a table. They sat in calm disbelief. Unwilling to accept what they had held dear as their history was nothing but a farce. The woman and two men before them sat silently.

" Yes we are the Atlantians. Our people left earth 4000 years ago and we have lived in the next solar system since then."

"But wait, that's not right. 4000 years ago the likes of Moses was going around in sandals and carts. what do yo mean you left earth?" Xena challenged.

The older of the two men, Sek explained that befor they left the people of the world had reached thier potential and had advanced greatly. the most advanced was Atlantis. But as the technology for comfort grew so did the technology for war.

The Atlantians then grew divided. Between those who wanted to continue living amicably with the rest of the world and those that thought they should conqour the reckless world and manage its resources.

"let me guess the conqourers won."

"Quite, the contrary. They lost the vote and all states won free governance. But they defied. The council could not do anything about it, the conquorers grew each day in force and the waged war on all the earth."

Xaviar suddenly put up his head.
"Was one of the advanced states called Egypt?", The old man nodded his head.
"That explains the pyramids. No one could explain how they were built."

"You are a prudent one Xaviar. The rest of Atlantis tried to resist and defend the other states but it was futile. The great states faught but were decemated. th smaller ones fell by infiltration. They were all overcome.

At that time we did not understand why but now we know that the conqerers had spread their mentality like a disease. they had so much support within the majority of Atlantis itself. They had the technologies of war. Nothing could stand before their war mechine.

"Weakened from inside." Xena commented

Defeat was imminent and the last of the atlantians elected to leave before any of the high technology fell into the hands of the conquorers.

We left earth never to return . The conqourers could go into space too so we had to go out of earths solar system not to be followed. We had higher mastery of space travel. We found a new solar system and a moon we called Ivhu."

"So right now we are not underwater but in space?" Sean asked.
"Underwater?" Yula returned
"We had deducted that we were in an underwater base. Decompression." Mugen replied.
They laughed.

"Something has changed. You are back here." Xaviar said when everyone had fallen quiet. He was looking out from a screen. Te others turned.

"You can see your planet from there." Yula reasoned.

"Actually nothing has changed. We were curious to know our ancestors."

The five looked up with mouths agape


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