May 26, 2007


Kyzo pushed aside the half broken door and moved outside. He crept onto the balcony and stood up.What he saw was ghastly. The sky was strange, it was not blue, but a sickly orange and everything was charred and decayed as far as the eye could see.

Kyzo moved further onto the edge of the balcony, and looked back at the building. It had stood, the giant concrete flat had stood the bombing. He turned and saw the bushes. They were pale but alive, that's a good sign he thought.

he jumped of the fallen edge of the standing giant and ran towards the centre of the campus, he looked fantically jumping over bodies and passingby those who just stood there empty and vacant, stunned. Kyzo reached to the end of the street where the bar was, there was no roof, a plane wing had sliced it off as it crash landed. He racked through the pile of rubble until he got to what was once the back of the bar. And there he found it, whta he needed. Now he could know.


Kyzo could hardly contain himself as he listened to the voice on the radio, the speakere whirred with static but what the voice said was as clear as cut diamond. The cold war had finally happened and the would had gone up in a blaze of fire and radiation.
"All communication attempts with the US media or the US army have proved fruitless. It is speculated that the US army launced nearly 30 of their tactical nuclear missiles to targets in Japan, China and Russia. It is believed that europe has been completely lost as most of the missiles were forced down in Europe. The Arab league invaded Israel early this morning and Israel rsponded with a chemical and nuclear attack. We are still witing for more news from that region...."

This was like a melody to his ears. The images flashed before him as if they were happening, in bright flashes that casta gutty shaadow on his face. He could hardly believe it. His time had come. All thse years spent thinking he was born in the wrong age but now: It was his time.

A sinister grin grew on his face and a dark shadow lined the curves of his lower eye lids. Yes, it was HIS time.


6 years had passed. Kyzo with his charisma had managed to surround himself with men, a band of raiders, The ROZVI. He had convinced them the future did not lye in rebuilding what had crumbled, it would only crumble again. He sat in the villa he comanded as his base.
"It is amazing how we have grown over the last 3 years, we were a mere dozen but now we command thousands", commenetd Saya
"It is just the beginning Saya, The Rozvi shall rise to reatness and the whole world shall follow."
"I can see that Europe is completely distroyed and inhabitable, USA Russia and Asia are crippled beyond forming an army but how will we take over Africa and the Middle East, Not To mention New Zealand?"

"Africa is already fallow, though they are quite still intact but they do no ak their own weapons, they imported, We are already running the north of africa. I have already sawn the seeds of their distruction."

The converasation was suddenly disturbed by a clang in the hallway and four men entered dragging between the a young woman who the cast on the floor.

Kyzo looked down at her and the main looked back witha slight hint of disdain in her eyes.

"Do you knoew who I am?"
"you are Kyzo, how can anyone not know you, destroyer of cities, the plague of mankind.." One of the four men made a move to strike her but kyzo raside his hand and he stepped back.
"The names, how passionate" kyzo said whilst tilting his head and his expression was ofbittersweet.
"How can anyone destroy what has already been destroyed?"
"we are trying to rbuild the world but you just keep pulling it down"
"what you claim to rebuld does it not crumbe soon after into chaoss. you cannot glue together a broken wheelThe only way was to completely destroy it and build a new one. Melt the scrap in fire and recast it!"
The young woman's eyes gaped, and she drew a sharp breathe, those words.
"I am saving the world , not destroying it."
He paused.
"Do you know why you are here?" She looked blank, "I need your knowledge."
"never, I will never help you with your demonic quest."
Kyzo raised a finger to his lips
"There is no need to be uncivil, I hear you have quite a family, pleasant bunch, especilaaly your brother no to forget your little girl"
"If you..."the woman gasped, she wanted to shout but Kyzo, who had been walking around her in circles. had stopped to whisper somehing in her ears. She stopped and looked out the window and her little girl was playing in thw villa garden and an armed man stood 100 feet from her.
Kyzo spoke near he ear
"I does not have to be unplesant, it cabe beneficial to you. I hear your town is near the coast and the continental winds from europe have been blowing in. you are short of safe food, radiation pills and medication.
The woman looked out, an empty gaze into the skyline, the orange horizon reflected on her watery eyes. A broken spirit, lika the calm after a storm. her shoulders slowly dropped down and the uttered
"I'll do whta you want." she said it, it tasted bitter
"follow this man, and he will show and explain what you need to do" Kyzu said pointing to an older man in glasses who started escorting the woman out of the chamber.
"What's your name?" Kyzu asked
Thw woman had her back to Kyzu, she coud not bear to turn round, she craned her neck just slightly.

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