July 23, 2007

He Came Back II

He stood there unable to decide what to do. Nikkei kept barraging him with accusations. That were it not for him everyone would have a good life and had better treatment. Nikkei accused him of wasting money, pushing him back all the time.

It was true he had wasted money. he had pursued a lost cause. The money used on him could have sent Amanda to a good private college, bought a nice new house and a car.

He remained unresponsive.

Amanda was on the veranda. but he knew she could not intervene. She was neither a man nor had the advantage of argument. She stood there dumbfound with conflicting emotions. She had suffered because of him yet she did not like this.

Subconsciously , she held her breathe. Nikkei grew enraged by his silence. Nikkei lashed out with a fist which landed cleanly on his nose. He staggered back and regained his balanced.

he had seen it coming and had prepared himself. He stood. More enraged Nikkei started pumping out with both fist at his ribs.

He lept back like a cat and stood a good meter away. He could feel the burn on his sides but he did not flinch. Nikkei lunged at him a third time and hit him across the face with his foot. He tumbled to the ground. Dirt snuck into his mouth and grass clung to his hair. Nikkei ran over and kicked him on the side.

He rolled over. As he turned his eyes looked up and he saw her on the balcony. She was watching with disbelief. Like a diver, in a lingering moment, who had just surfaced he saw her leaning over the balcony, only then did he become aware of her frantic pleading to stop. Just as soon as she appeared she disappeared from his view as he rolled over

He thought to himself. Nikkei will greatly injure him at this rate. He rolled a good meter away and crept to his knees. Nikkei rushed forward, his voice screaming with curses.

Nikkei raised his foot but Michel suddenly rose up and lept to the side. Nikkei watched as if in slow motion as Michel's figure grabbing a foothold by his side...

He outstretched his arm and brought it crashing in, in a side-way clenched fist, hitting Nikkei on the chest like a hundred pound hammer.

His foot sank half an inch in the clay dirt as his body followed through the strike.

Nikkei's eyes widened. He fell in a heap to the ground. The look on Nikkei's face grew crazier by the second, eyes jetting out and veins swelling.

He stood over the prostrated body. He looked down with a shadow cast on his eyes by the setting sun. A crow hovered over witha single flap of its wings casting a fleeting silhouette....nemesis. A slow slight grin creased on his face. Nikkei stared into the dark nothingness where his eyes should be. Even on his constricted face the look of fear registered as a thousand confused thoughts flashed in his mind.

Amanda came rushing and pleading him to help him and not let him die. Amanda tugged frantically at Nikkei, urging him to get up.

From the corner of his eye he could see her, she was gripping the bar on the balcony in alarmed anticipation, She was shouting something but he could not hear but her face was pleading and distressed. Just then he could see a figure move on the balcony...the maid, who walked over and handed her something.

He knelt down on one knee and raised his hand high above him.

Amanda screamed not to kill Nikkei, that Nikkei was foolish and was just quick tempered and that this was not worth going to jail for. Amanda begged him not to kill him.

He brought down his hand with a whirling force and hit him squarely on the chest.

Three concurrent screams pierced his ears. It was painful.

He stood up and looked over Nikkei. Amanda now had Nikkei's head on her lap. Amanda was crying. Nikkei, then coughed loudly and tears welled in his eyes as he took his first painful breathe...as if ejected from suspended animation.

He looked at Amanda, he turned and looked up at the balcony, she was still there...he looked at the maid. the all had the same look on their face.

Michel turned and walked away.

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