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August 07, 2007

Another Point of View

I believe I am a person of above average intelligence. My report sheets from high school and college bear more that fair testament to that.

So it is not surprising that when I am watching the news I can see through most of the donkey fodder being dished out to the general populace as information.

How they want everyone to believe everything is black or white, they are good, the others are all evil.

That Iraq had nuclear weapons. That the war in Iraq is actually improving things (they said that during the Vietnam war but it is now common knowledge that it was hell over there only made worse by American presence)

I often see the political gimmicks in play. I try to comment about these as much and as often but I never really get the time. I have these points but I never get them formulated or articulated.


What to do.

Recently I have came across a blogger who magnificently puts all these points together in such a way that I could not have done it better myself. Some of this blogger's points had never occurred to me and that is why I enjoy reading his posts.

If you are anyone who does not accept just being fed fodder from politicians and "news interviews" and "expert opinions" you might want to give this blogger a read

Here are some of my favorite articles:

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