August 16, 2007

Neo and TOC not compatible?

A few weeks ago I tried out the TOC widget on my blog. This is the wonderful widget that allows you to view a on/of table that has a list of all your post! It can appear and disappear at the click of a button. Well I though that was just superb.

The inhalation was simple and I had it running in a few minutes.

It was only the next day that Ramani brought to my attention the funny business going on on my blog. The LabelDisplay widget was acting up. It was utterly scrambled. When I clicked on any label it did not show posts with that label but just a random assortment of post!

You can imagine my alarm. At first I thought it was the neo.js that was now void but it was working super on their Neo type blogs so i turned my attention to any new changes I had made recently

TOC was looking so guilty all alone in the spotlight. Sad, but it had to go for my Neo LabelDisplay widget to work properly again.

I am wondering if that is the end of it.

Surely all the CSS gurus out there can do something about this to make these two compatible!


Hmmm. I wonder....

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