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October 01, 2007

DivX Web Player Crushing Firefox

I am up to my head in this upgrade hype.

I found out the hard way that newer is NOT always beta. This supposed better upgrade of the web player to 1.3.1 came with serious bugs. (pun intended).

When you clicked the play button on a stage6 video the video proceeded to load but then just a few seconds later the divx web player would crash taking the browser with it. It didn't matter whether the browser was IE, Firefox or Safari.

All kinds of tricks like reinstalling, booting and reinstalling did not work. Other people even tried formatting , which I believe is a bit extreme and too much hustle for such a problem, but it did not produce 100% good results.

The support team on stage6 suggested upgrading to divx web player 1.4.0 beta version. Little headway there, without a surprise. It all seems like they are churning out half baked pies and just testing them one people who fill fall the 'upgrade to the beta one' trick

A roll back would do the fix. Since the bugged web player was a new version then rolling back to an older version would fix the problem.

The logic was superb only that trying to install divx web player 1.3.0 was proving futile since the installer would automatically just install 1.3.1 (could not find out why)

To be absolutely safe I completely removed the divx pack 6.6 so as to start afresh. 1.3.0 had its little issues so I went for a much earlier version.

Then I installed the divx pack 6.3 (matter of preference really, you could choose any on the list). The list of the older versions are found on this OldVersion site.

One final step as suggested by core8583

The aim is to wipe out the settings of the web plug-in in your register. This is to correct the unstable error checking programming.

NB:You are about to attempt a registry change. Any mistakes you make might cause serious OS malfunction. You edit the registry at your own risk. Read instructions carefully before proceeding.

On the left hand column, Click the + signs next to the following folders.

++ S1-5-21-448539723-1592454029-725345543-1003 (This exact number sequence may vary depending on your system, so look though theses until you find the correct following sequence.)
++ Software
++ DivXNetworks
++ DivXBrowserPlugin

In this folder you should see the following keys

autoSaveAllDownload REG_DWORD
createSubfolder REG_DWORD
deblockLevel REG_DWORD
(so on)

Highlight them and delete them all. The player will reset them to default when it next plays.

When you next visit stage6 or similar site your videos will stream like they ought to.

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