January 16, 2008


To err is human
Anger is a human emotion
The desire to control all
Tis but human nature
But to hate, no, no , no
It is an indulgence
That feeds upon the very very human essence
Tis the stirrer who gets worn down by the stirred
But that is the double tragedy
For man does relish in it


The law is what we live with
Justice....is merely a guest


It is arrogance , is it not
Indeed it is the climax of it
To languish in the assumption
rather the belief man is the highest intelligence
Woe unto man, the day of reckoning is fast pressing
Ha!, If indeed man is
Woe unto him more!
A great tragedy
To himself and the universe

Hundred words to build friendship
Thousand words to build love
Half score to destroy it all
The parody of human interaction


Cloudy night
Piercing through the gap
Like an all seeing eye
Tis the moon
Oh what you must have seen
If only you could tell tales
Paradoxical tales they would be
Of why man should be destroyed
And of why man should be saved


It is amazing is it not
What the ego does to flourish
Even more so beholding
What it can do to protect itself


The mere odds, the odds
It is beyond comprehensions
Coincidence bordering upon the impossible
I dare say highly improbable...
To declare the singularity of world events
And the superficiality of the driving agents

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