March 21, 2008

Download Youtube & Veoh Videos Directly

Here I am going to outline how to download videos

Veoh Videos (<30mins)

Navigateto the desired veoh video page

Right-click on the AdBlock-Plus icon and select

Open blockable item

Then type in the following


The text that comes up is the URL of the veoh video.

You can either copy the URL, place it in your flv player and watch the stream.....or

You can place the URL in the address bar + enter and download the videos onto your computer

If the video is more than 30 mins long. will only show a preview of the video
so following the steps above will only land you a 5 minute clip of the video or movie you further notes at end of article

Youtube Videos

Navigate to desired video page

Right click the ad-block plus icon and select....

Open blockable item

Then type in the following text


The text that comes up is the URL of the youtube video

Copy the URL and place it in your flv player to stream ......or

place in the address bar + enter to download the video file onto your computer.

Make sure to add in filename.flv as you save the file. (adding this extension is essential for your flv player to recognise and play the files)

No hassle, no dodgy downloader software or website that give you lossy files. Yo will no longer need to have that youtube downloader extension on Firefox.

Notes: Veoh Videos (>29.59mins)

I have managed to work out how to get the full video URL off of veoh without using veoh just using firefox.

Here is how I did it

Type in the following after right clicking the ad-block icon and selecting "open blockable items...


copy the first line of text that appears and place in the address bar then press enter.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
The above text should appear

Go to the line that says for example

video videoId="1497807" permalinkId="v14978074wEfGZEM" length="45 min 10 sec" tags="the host 2x02 x files" isExternalMedia="false" isDotComPlayable="true" isTvPlayable="true" extension=".avi" fileHash="bcc7c6cb2a737ea9e139b0ea61fa630c71e1ff91" previewHash="82bbdbb8b8eebdc2778486988d3330b611aa0634" previewHashLow="82bbdbb8b8eebdc2778486988d3330b611aa0634" numDownloads="0" portable="false" ipodLink="" fullPreviewHashPath="" fullPreviewHashLowPath=""

By substituting the green text with the italicized red text I was able to the URL of the full length video.
substituting the previewHash with the fileHash

Unfortunately i found out the hard way that veoh does not allow directory browsing of their site. So access to this file or ant other >29.59mins videos is restricted,

I got a 403 return. That is for you right there.


Anonymous said...

How do you know it works if you can access it (veoh files >30min)? :P

diddy47 said...

i'm not sure what you meant so i will give a general response...

If the veoh video<30mins you will know the above method works because you will be able to download it. This is great if you collect anime series and comedy episodes and the likes...

if the veoh video>30mins you will know it wont work because after you finish downloading you will realise your flash file is only 20MB...the size of a 5min preview. A direct URL request will be blocked by a 403...which is an 'access denied'

if for some reason you can access it, you will know it works because you'll get a file much larger than 20MB... up to over a GB.

i don't know if that answers it