December 26, 2009

Creating Destiny Ep20 Subtitles

Decided to make subtitles for Creating Destiny episode 20 (Creating.Destiny.E20.091219.HDTV.XViD-HAN).

WithS2 is the primary on this project but I couldn't wait over the xmas break for my dose of kdrama. So I mad these subtitles...

This is my first so bear in mind...

Get file Creating.Destiny.E20.091219.HDTV.XViD-HAN-[Melo].srt



Stefan said...


I'm in the process of starting up a blog for my my school's sporting department and was wondering about the availability of the neo template. I used to keep a personal blog a few years back and utilized ramani's hacks. Sadly, it seems he has moved on to other things.

Do you personally host the script? And if so, would I need to host the script somewhere myself?

Thanks for your time,


diddy47 said...

hiya..yeah..i host different versions/modes of the neo script and for your second long as bandwidth demand is low/moderate it should be ok