May 30, 2007


It's good that you are back Ngozi, Things were sure getting boring around here.”

“Nah, you're just saying that,” he said whilst giving Tula a playful nudge, “ Isn't Simba supposed to be back from school now?”

“Yeah he was supposed to be nack two hours ago but you know him, once rascal always a rascal”

Suddenly there is a load raping on the front gate and Tula runs o go get it

“Thats probaobly him being irate”

She pushed the button and the electric gate rolled open. No one was there. Ngozi rushed to the gate and only school kids could be seen.

A car sped up to the driveway and one of the men inside smashed a beer bottle onto the turmac.

“Hi Ngozi, long time no see man, where've you been hiding?”

Their eyes met and Ngozi stared into the man they called Macky. His blood slowy rose to a boil and his veins dilated.

The car revved up and sped away and jirred laughter drifted in he wind like an echo.

“They have him” Ngozi managed to utter between his tightly grit teeth.

He ran inside and got his katana.

“You do not kno where Macky lives, what are you going to do?”

“I know someone who does. Tula listen to me. When mama comes from work tell her I went to aunties. Call auntie and tell her what has happened, she knows how to handle this,telling mama will only make her ill again.


With that Ngozi dashed out of the yard and into the street. His heart was pounding when he reached Brian's house. Leaping over the fence he made his way into the house. The door was open and inside the family was having dinner. He saw Brian in the corner. He waited. One minute, two minutes. Brian got up.

“Thanks for the food mum I have to go see Rich about the engine”

“Be careful.”

Brian was rouding the corner of the house when suddenly a shadow dashed before him, he turned to look but a figure appeared right infront of him and pressed him against the wall.

“You will tell me where Macky lives?”

“Hey, who is this, you are pushing me man. I don't know any Macky let alone where he lives.”

“Ngozi man, I am surprised to see...ah well actually I am not. Because you see there is something I wanted to tell you man.”

Ngozi tilts his sword and the light shimmers on the face of a possesed man burned into Brian's eyes.

“You tell me where does Macky lives or your mother will weep tonight.”

“Ok, ok man, I will take you there.

“Brian, is something wrong out there? I here voices”

“No mum, I am just talking to Peter next door.”

Lets go.

They run in the night wind. Every second seemed like eternity until finally Brian stops an points.

“This is the house.”

“Go far away from here and not a word to a living soul.”

“I..I..I got it. I wasn't even here. Never spoke to you.”

he turned and his form merged with the darkness as he jogged away.

Ngozi walked into the yard. Loud music. He edged up to the window and peeked inside. Macky and two other men sat around a orm on the floor. He starined to look closer and the form was Simba. They were pocking and mocking him. Ngozi stood up and rushed past the window.

“Ha ha ha, Simba, Simba, Simba. Did your brother really thk he could mess with me nad get away with it.

'He actaully pocketed the girl and dont forget you wanted to use him to pocket her at one time.”

Macky rose up and smacked Simba across the face.

“Why you....!”

“the truth stings huh!”

Macky kicked him across the chest and was about to kick him again when one of the other men interrupted.

“I saw a shadow move past the window.”

“Well, go check it out you dimwit,” he turned and faced Simba again,”I was going to wait but immo kill you right now you maggot.”

The man went outside and with a torch. A second later the torch was on the ground, the sound of sheathing metal and a dull thud.

“Fuza, Fuza are you there man. Fuza!”

The second man slowly got out of the house towards the flashlight on the ground. His light seached the area and it shone on a mass. He moved closer and the mass was the cowered body of Fuza blood gshing from his throut. That was the last thing Dinga saw before a glint of metal shone before his eyes and everything went black.

“The special guest has come,right on time.”

“Macky, release Simba this very instant.”

“You mean him,” Macky pulled Simba from behind the door, his hands were bound. Simba looked up at the sound of his brothers voice.

“I knew you would come,” he muttered through his broken and bleeding lips. Macky hand raised and he pulled Simba infront of him

“But you are too late, I so wanted you to see this.”

Macky hand moved across Simba's neck and Simba fell in a heep to the ground.

Ngozi's eyes opened wide. Everything turned red in his sight. Hhowling shrieks rang in his ears. He gripped the katana and charged Macky. Macky dropped the knife and pulled his gun. Like a mad man he swung his katana. Macky tried to duck but he had spent too much time drawing his gun. A liitle too late.

Ngozi was already past his outstretched right hand on the left.

The gun was useless to fire now. He swung the the gun to use the hilt as a club. Ngozi stepped on the window sill and cuterpulted backwards. Macky's hand smashed into the glass window. Ngozi landed right infront of him and swung his katana with both his hands across Macky's chest with the momentum of the landing directed into the edge of the katana.

Macky coughed blood out of his mouth and he drew his trembling and bleeding hand to point the gun.

One quick strike and the hand fell onto the ground. Ngozi was already past him on his back side. A second strike and his whole left arm comes off. A third strike as he passed from behind and the hamstings were severed. Macky fell down on his knees screaming in pain.

“The devil calls you to hell. But you do not die today. Your whole clan is cursed with that boy's blood. ”

Ngozi whipped his katana and turned, he reached down to Simba and picked him up. He carried him across his arms and walked out of the yard. The neighbours had heard the commotion and saw the dark figure as he left.

“Did you hear how spoke and his eyes how they burned like fire. I always told you demons exist on earth.”

“Came on Harry turn off that light should he see it and come back!”

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