May 30, 2007

DJ:Rain Pelted On His Face

Rain pelted on his face. It ran streaks across his eyes and hazed the gloomy night around him. Ryu's clothes stuck to his body, they seemed heavy-his body wanted to rest but his will would not. Ryu's eyes kept roving the undergrowth around the mangrove.

"Your arm is bleeding," a gentle tug. Small fingers clung to his shirt, Ryu looked at her face, he saw how much she was concerned-too much. He saw how worrying was consuming her heart. He took a hold of her hand, firm but gentle.

"It is nothing, just a cut, the rain makes the illusion of bleeding."

With that he turned away from her and sat looking out into the wilderness.

One hour, two hours passed in silence. Ryu cold see she so much wanted to say something. When his bowels grumbled he knew he had given her the chance.

"Would you like something to eat?"

Ryu thought of how he should respond. Then a fleeting image rushing past interrupting his thought, a shadow. He silently roved his fox eyes, that shadow again. He sprang to his feet and grabbed Amira's hand.

"No matter what happens never be more than one step behind my back."

Two men burst out of the undergrowth, one faster than the other. He charged in a zig zag fashion. Ryu saw his fast moving figure and realised he has to charge him to stand a chance. Ryu rushed lagging behind his sword with both hands on his right side.

He could see the eyes of the man when he landed before the man lept and reappeared in a different place each time getting closer. Cunning. Ryu saw that this man was deadly. One step to go and the man landed on Ryu's left side and swung his sword up for the neck. A small grin appeared on the man's hard face. Ryu's left side was exposed.

That is what i want you to think. I win, you loose.

Ryu dag in his left foot in mid gallop and rotated on it and went down. The man craned his head over his shoulder and met Ryu's firey eyes.

Too late, you have already swung your sword.

His eyes opened wide with sudden horror as he watched Ryu's rising sword. Ryu's left hand lets go of the sword and the momentum of the rotation carried the swing in his right hand as he beared on the right side of the man.

The sound of metal clashing with hard bone. The sword smashed into the back of the man's skull.

No scream.

Rash men die rash deaths.

Just a muffled thud and splut as the man colupsed onto the ground. Ryu broke his gallop by landing with his left foot drawn outward. From the corner of his fox eye he coud see the second man two steps from him. The second man's eyes shone with a bright intensity. The man had the air of murderous intent.

"Why you bastard!!"

Ryu stood fast, he remained in his kneeling position, head bowed.

Because you are in a rage you are not careful you feet stomp the muddy ground. I cannot see you but I can hear you come and for that you will die like a fool.

Ryu waited for him, he stared at the cold lifeless mud with unshifting eyes as the man raised his sword above him and brang it down to strike. He listened as man's heaving roar for blood rose to a climax. he batted his eyelids, a raindrop ran off his nose and splashed into the muddy water.


With a palms reach left before the sword struck, Ryu stepped to the side on the right and drew his sword from his right hip and sliced the man's bowels open. In a flash the man is slighlty behind him and he stops the outward swing of his sword and brings it back down with both hands to stab him through his back, through the shoulder blade.

A half howl and he falls face down in a mass into the embracing mud.

He let rage take over when he saw his comrade slain. He become an animal with rage. Only fools behave like animals
. Animals die disgracefully.

Suddenly all that can be heard was the splatter of rain on the muddy ground. The two bodies lay in a puddle. Amira could smell the scent of blood through the rain. The putrid smell of disembawelment. She has grown used to it. It followed her wherever like a haunting shadow Ryu.

Ryu whipped his sword to rid of the blood and resheathed it.
He turned around.

"Miss Amira, we should move from this place and change direction. This means they already know we are headed to Zengeza.”

“Where shall we go?”



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