May 28, 2007

Web Video Trancating Problem

Have you ever been watching a video on the internet, say on YouTube, Veoh or Dailymotion and then at some point along the playback the video just stops and the timer rushes to the end and the screen freezes?

Even when you refresh the page the video will play fine until it gets o the SAME TIME POSTION as before and freezes again.

Isn't this frustrating, especially if you were watching one of your favourite videos or are pressed for time.

Well I got a tip for you:Unfreezing the Video Sream

Have you noticed that even after days that particular video will still behave in that way but other videos might play fine?

This tips works only for Firefox 2. (if you don't have it, download here)

1. When the video freezes. Navigate away from that page. Go to
Tools>Clear Private Data,

Select Aunthenticated Session and Cache plus Browser History (optional)
Deselect the others and Click Clear Private Data Now.

2. Refresh the browser.

3. Navigate to the page again.

The video will now play smoothly, no trancation.

Hope this helps

Happy browsing

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