June 03, 2007

Blog Post-Scroll Thru to Click Thru

I want to speak about blog templates.

I have gone through a lot of blog posts by various bloggers and one theme seems to reoccur no matter what kind of layout is used by the blogger.

The reader has to scroll down a long post. This may be ok but it starts bordering on annoying when the post is over say 10 paragraphs long.

Personally I am not well versed in the language of HTML and CSS. I am quite the amateur but I want to propose a blog post function that makes reading long posts more user friendly ( or a bit less trying on the nerves).

A blog post that displays only the part that fits in the window and at the bottom there may be a link or a clickable buttom that when clicked will instantly move on to the next section of the post and display that only.

So it will be like reading a book, the clicking of the next portion link analogous to turning a page, This page effect can even be intergrated to enhance the experience.

This way a reader dos not have to Scroll Thru but Click Thru a post.

At the header of the post you can be made aware of how many frames/pages/portions are in the post and a reader can easily move around them without having to scroll down.

I am appealing to the CSS/HTML/Java scribes out there to find out of this can be a reality.

I am sure a lot of bloggers would appreciate this feature in their posts for easy and relaxed readability.

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