June 04, 2007

The Most realistic Superhero-Down To Earth

I have often delved into this topic with my high school buddies and some of my much learned lecturers and teachers.

Who is the most realistic superhero?

When one talks of superheros, one quickly draws the image of superman. Superman ofr all his pomp and show doesn't quite cut the slate for me. I mean one man going around jumping over building and lifting ships, diverting missiles with his muscle, well let's say that is a bit much. But superman is a great idea but you can't hang on to him into your late teens unless and beyond you are the rare and occasional Jerry Seineld.

Spiderman also jumps to thought, hmmm. We all I can say is that he needs a costume change other than that he has a well defined ability unlike superman who kinda weaves his powers as he goes along. His costume in Spiderman 3 has more taste. Spiderman spins webs and uses the webs to do things like save a falling damsel or a speeding train. At the end of it all I am not too sure about Toby but he is a contender.

The Hulk falls off the band wagon for obvious reasons. Giant green man with atemper. Come on!

Captain Planet and the planetiers. Captain planet was nothing more than an american genie who came out after a chant instead of a rubbed lamp. Even Superman does not stretch it this far.

Then there is Flash and his kin, they all suffer from costume distress and their charactors lack a certain charisma that say Constatine has.

Constetine as much as he has a winner charactor, his area of expertise lends him little credit. But the fact that he navigates through the underworld using his power of wit and trickery appeals to me in a lot of ways. So he is certainly up there

This brings me to Batman. I like him because he does not have disproportional physical ability. Exergarated physical ability tends to look silly or ridiculous when overplayed. He uses mechanics and fitness as his game card. A bit more down to earth. Its a good thing he decided to loose the grey and blue costume and go for all black.

A certain charactor, Sherlock Holmes can be considered for the spot too. I do confess, it was not untill my late teenage years that I learnt Sherlock Holmes wasa made up charactor. It was my sincere belief that such a man had existed in the 20th century. I mean the way the storis are narrated by Dr Watson gives the impression of someone who actually saw things happen. And the nature of the stories too, Sherlock actually had some failures in his cases. This is a NO NO in the world of superman and his kin. I am sure I am not the only one fooled by this depiction of Sherlock. This element of realist undoubtably puts him amoungst the top contenders for the most down to earth "realistic" superheros.

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