June 25, 2007

Hell is hot and it's a nice day-2

Michel got off the 11pm train and walked onto the platform. It was largely deserted. he walked intentionally towards the exit. As he turned the corner to go up the stairs he caught a glance through the corner of his eye.

he knew he was being followed. He continued to walk forward. he emerged from the underground and onto the street. the street was alive with rushing cars and bright lights. He walked on along the path.

He turned into a dimly lit street and he could see his tail not far behind him. Inconspicuous but unmistakably there.

He saw a group of women up ahead. loitering under a street lamp, some were crouching over a car that had stopped. Michel walked over to the group. Hie eyes quickly roved the lot and set on a young girl. Only just a woman.

He walked over and whispered into her ears. The other girls started teasing congratulating her on the "catch of the day".

It seemed odd to Michel. He silently led the girl away and eventually waked into a hotel just round the corner. Michel booked a room at the front desk where the attendant gave Michel a sly smile. Michel only gave a half nod and entered the elevator.

They stood silent in the elevator. The girl was uncomfortable. She tried to make small talk but the conversation always got stuck. The elevator stopped and they stepped out and found their way to Michel's room.

inside Michel closed the door behind him.

"Should I lie on the bed."

'No, wait here." Michel waked into the bathroom then came out a few seconds later. He looked at the girl

"take off all your clothes"

She looked at him with a slightly disgusted look then proceeded to take off her clothes.

"And take a bath, remove all the make up and perfume."

She walked into the bathroom and looked at the bathtub.

she sharply turned and stormed out grabbing her clothes slamming the door behind her.

Michel took a couch cushion and placed against the wall, he sat down and he fell asleep with the Gladys close to his chest ........

The following morning Michel woke up . he drew back the curtain and looked out the second floor window.
One minute, two minutes. he spotted him. The one man who was the odd one out. The man following him. Michel knew he needed to act cool.

After a wash he walked outside and sat in the hotel lobby. Michel thought to himself that his habits alone might give himself away. He needed to act natural. he needed to act ordinary. But then again the act of trying to be natural would be forced and would give him away just as easily.

As he thought to himself he saw a woman get out of the building across the street, she was a charlady. it struck him then- follow someone and do what they are doing.

He got up and started following the woman. when she reaches her destination pick someone new to follow. That way his actions remained truly random and natural.

He passed a begger with a dog in whose bowl were a few coins. the main sang a song.

"No sunshine when she's gone"

Michel threw in a few coins and walked on following his tag


14 hours later Michel found himself walking along the same street. the night was cold and he thrust his hands inside this pockets. Stay in public places h said to himself. As he entered the hotel he noticed the girl from last night. He walked along the wall and crossed the junction. He walked over and whispered into the girl's ear.She started walking beside him as he headed back to the hotel.

Up in his room Michel asked the girl to take a bath. Michel half expected her to storm out again but she stayed. She took off all her clothes and walked into the bathroom.

She had turned on the water when Michel walked in

"what's your name?'


"It's a lovely name. I will help you wash."

Mika expected it was some sort of fore play so she said yes. She sat in the warm foaming bath and Michel started rubbing the sponde on her back.

Michel asked for her toes and started removing her nail polish

She retracted her legs

"Do you have any idea how much it costs to redo those"

"I will pay for that too, it's ok. I 'll pay so you can stay the whole night."
with that she relaxed and let him remove her toe and finger nail polish.Slowly he washed her body and removed her make up and rinsed her hair.

she sat silently, confused about what was going on.

Michel did not see the single tear roll down her cheek when she stood up and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

Michel walked out of the bath and sat on the couch and turned on the tv.

Mika walked out a few minutes later and stood by the door way in a bath robe

"what do you want me to do."

"Come sit here next to me, no, not on my lap, just here " Michel said patting the couch right next to him.

Michel put his arm around her shoulder and they sat there watching television until the informecials started.

'Ok, thats means its really late, come sleep with me."

Mika had been wondering when he was going to say that so she got up and walked over to the bed.

Mika went into the bedroom first and lay on the bed facing the wall. She could hear as Michel walked from the bathroom, enter the bedroom and close the door. She felt the mattress heave as he moved into the bed. Mika began undoing the note on her robe. She felt as Michel's hand caress over her hip, his hand slid over and grasped her fingers.

His small but strong hand moved her hand away and clasped it near her chest. Mika face was the expression of puzzlement which slowly grew into relief.

Mika lay awake. This was strange thing. part of her wanted to get up and storm out but yet she lay still. She felt as the warm breath of the man behind her brush against her neck. She listened to the rhythm. One at a time. Then the next one. Like that she drifted away.

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