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June 25, 2007

How to remove borders from pictures

I have been plagued by the constant appearance of borders around my pictures, whether they had links or not. So I decided to go have a look see on how to solve this little but big problem (contradiction/ but true)

Well the search was not so simple.

I came across sites that offered quite complex solutions that involved some serious CSS nad HTML tangling.

Not a dishy sight once you look at the scope of mental tracking involved, beside the feedback from other disparate bloggers was not at all inspiring. a lot of mixed results, obviously it was easier to botch up the template that do the precision hacks.

Asking an amateur blogger to do a say 3 or 4 step hack involving complex CSS is like giving a nervous student surgeon a a pair pliers and torque wrench to do a heart operation.

But my searching was not all in vein

I cam across this albeit simple , very effective solution.

Just add this bit of CSS into the CSS body

img {
border: 0 !important;

You can add it just about anywhere in the body ( obviously in a blank space or somewhere before or after a section)

This is to cut down on search time and removes all your pestering picture borders from ALL your posts!

Now that is cause for a Yey!

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