July 13, 2007

Dirty Jewel II

Michel walked briskly along the pavement.

He walked fast to keep up with the woman he was follwing. She was wearing a knee lenght dress, white shoes and a blue pull over. She must be a nurse he thought to himself, an awfuly busy one he thought to himself.

She turned into a large building which turned out to be the hospital, Michel folloed inside and and sat on one of the benches as she disappeared behind the staff only doors.

This was the seventh day now. Still nothing. He wondered if his little rouse had not been discovered by his shadows. He shifted to sit more comfortably on the thinly padded bench.

He knew he should not stay there too long, after five minutes he stood up and left


Marian was inside the national defense headquarters. Everyone around him was rushing about with transcripts and calling out ccodes but his head seemed submerged as if he could hear them from under water.

A man came and drew his shoulder.

"Lt Ronan, this is the current report from Chirin Border, Sir"
"Thank you com officer."

He read the note. A full scale battle had started at Chirin City and more rebel forces were reported to be coming in from the direction of the over run border post.

"have you reported to the chief?"
"i'll do that right away ,sir"

A few minutes later Marian could see communication to release helicopter divisions to support the besieged city and more artillery units to form a barricade along the whole northern front.

Marian turned on his seat and uttered a command, the attending officer rushed out . Marian made his way into the Chiefs office up on the stairs.

As he approached the door it swung open and the chief staerd him in the eye.

'Lt. Ronan you are second in command, I ma leaving to cor-odinate the defense on the ground so you will stay here and monitor all other activities and intelligence"
"yes, sir"

With that the chief brushed past him and was joined by an escort. Marian walked into the office and closed the door behind him.

he leaned against it and thought carefully about what he was about to do.


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