July 15, 2007

Womens and Children's Rights

These two have to be the biggest heists in modern history. Men have had the wool pulled over their eyes and adults are being made to play merry-go-round by these little monsters.

Women's rights have taken a most offensive turn. They are highly selective. Selecting only what suits them. The image portrays how selective idealism can lead to oppressive laws. If women want men's rights then they should get the whole package not just part of it. Women only want the sweet side of being a man.

Say, women demanded the vote. They got. They demanded managerial jobs. they got them. And to think they even demanded that job titles be changed to suit them. manager to manageress

Well woman or not everyone is a man so I do not see where the big problem is. woMAN or MAN, the same thing...all men just the prior is a special kind of man.

How come I always see women demanding to be the mayor, the president or senator but I NEVER seem a group of women outside some coal mine demanding jobs. Or outside Shell Headquarters demanding jobs on an oil rig in the middle of the pacific.

Women wanted trousers, they got them but they do not want the responsibility and workload that comes with it. You can't have a piece of the pie without getting cream all over your hands madam.

How come when a ship is sinking women get to go on the lifeboats wit the children yet they declare themselves equal to men. In hostage situation the negotiators always asks for at least to let the women and children go. That is a paradox of their much publicized campaign.

Do you know why you don't see a lot of women, if any in infantry battalions? It's because men will get more affected by the death of a female soldier than of a male counterpart and are more likely to act out of emotion at the expense of strategy. Which is the last thing you want to do in a war. yet at the back of my mind I can hear some shout "we are the same".

When there is a burgler downstairs who is asking the man to go. When there is a burning house where are those self professed macho woman with their short hair and men's shirts. Why don't they volunteer to save the old lady on the 3rd floor. You are big as a man are you? Why don't you try a road drilling machine on tar for an hour or so. When there is a leak on the roof where are these activists to lend their very able hand.

Women are inherently different from man, though these activist choose to remain oblivious of this. Women cannot take the same amount of physical toll as men and that is a fact undeniable. Why? For the same reasons men can never bear children and women cannot lift crates or represent the power of violence.

In a marriage women these days demand EQUAL rights with their male companions but when it comes to divorce they suddenly turn into the weak vulnerable woman who needs support and money from the man, to be more exact, half of his money! This is astounding, before the divorce they will be going around claiming.

"I'm an independent woman."

I came across these cases recently from SilverWolfe and chrispy1 in Brisbane and Canada, Oakville ONT

Example 1: In Sydney, a male-only gym was successfully sued and closed down because it discriminated against women by not allowing them membership. However, women-only gyms are very common, and they even use the idea that men are desperate to join, but can't, as a marketing tool. So, it's okay to discriminate against men, but not women, is that what you're saying?

Example 2: My alumni, the Queensland University of Technology holds an annual awards ceremony where a white male is not eligible to win any of the awards. All the awards are centered around excellence in being a woman...

Example 3: A group pressured the government to change any phrase or word with "man" in it to more "comfortable phrasing". Manhole? Underground Service Entrance. Garbageman? Sanitation Engineer. This is outright madness. Maybe they should rewrite the bible and make Jesus a woman. Oh, maybe the first person on the moon should have been Neil Armstrong's wife. Ok what about the word "manhandle" what should that be changed to fair and equal ones?

As if women are dying to do the jobs in these fields anyhow, yeah right.

Example 4: A man went to pick up his girlfriend who was at a gym class. He walked into the lobby and started heading towards the cafeteria (which was all of 30 feet from the front door) when 3 female security guards came out of nowhere and asked him to leave. He explained he was just getting a coffee and was then going to sit in the lobby to wait for his GF, when he was told that the women wouldn't feel comfortable having a male on the premises. He was then escorted outside and one of the guards stood by the door until he left.

If this had happened in a male gym I could see it being closed down and lawsuits flying about women being suppressed.

Example 5 : In the UK there is an insurance company that offers low premium cove JUST BECAUSE you are a woman. I bet if there was an insurance company called Butch that offered low insurance cover JUST BECAUSE you are a man these ladies with the flying banners and red cheeks would have rained fire and brimstone to have it closed or sued for millions under the guise of female discrimination. But if women do it, it's ok?

Frankly the law over protects women. women are number two on the over protected list after criminals.

Which brings us to the third most protected people , children.

Children are now immune to discipline. The law says that. scolding is tantermount to emotional abuse and they can call the police on you. Spanking is categorically physical abuse, police will hurl your ass to jail. So how on earth are you supposed to discipline children. God knows they need discipline.

There is a clear distinction between spanking and battery. For one, spanking does not leave any marks or contours as it is administered on muscle tissue where it does not cause trauma like the face or arm or chest.

Psychiatry is the biggest balloon of hot air in this day and age. People put too much trust in its methods and effectiveness. Their methods are at best empirical.

How does a child learn that fire is bad for him. No amount of counseling or psychiatry can deter him from touching it. He will only realise the fact after he tries it and finds out for himself.

If a sibling bullies another younger sibling you may attempt counseling to deter him from continuing it. Good luck on that. Either he does not understand what you are talking about or he will be too stubborn.

What if you try spanking so that he knows that the next time he bullies his younger sibling SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM which is not pleasant. Because right now he knows that all that will happen is that he will be take on a ride across town to see that good looking lady with the glasses at that fancy office and the comfortable seat for two hours and he gets sweets afterwards.

Because some parents batter their children does not mean discipline is bad. This theory of

"because there are two bad tomatoes we will throw away the whole basket"

is simply out of place. I hate it later on when they blame serial killers on parental abuse, it is so cliche. I bet the defense lawyer spins that up to get the insanity or "psychiatric disorder' plea. Though EVERYONE knows that the killer was perfectly in his mind when he committed the crimes, God, he actually planned and covered up evidence, far from what an "insane or unstable" person will do. I got one word. The guy was simply nuts , end of story, how and when he got nuts is immaterial to the case at hand.

The fashion in which the rights of criminals, women and children are being administered are indeed in a unmitigated bad taste.


Malachi Leopold said...

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diddy47 said...

thank you for the comment. I will look into submitting this on your forum.

Charles said...

Ouch Diddy, don't hurt them!

I'd love to read your thoughts about "gay rights".

diddy47 said...

there is no greater friction to human progress than contempt...nah i won't do nothing to them...gay rights...hmmm that sound interesting.....

Renegade said...

indeed women are being overprotected and they are happily using it to their advantage...

diddy47 said...

thanx 4 the comment....yeah...i would like to hear what a member of the 'better sex' has to say about all this.....i bet that would be very enlightening...if not amusing