July 15, 2007

World 's Nose dive into Fascism?

The world, led by America is taking a nose dive into fascism.

No way? lets look at it then

1. The "war on terror" and the Patriot Act that allows gross infringement of Civil rights and indefinite imprisonment on "suspicious activity" without charge.

2. Propaganda mills in overdrive. I have never before witnessed the reason for a war change over 4 time in less tan two years. the original reason is a far cry from the current one. Not to mention this circus has nothing to do with the real real reason.

3. "You are either with us or against us". they very words of GWB. If you challenge the war or Patriot Act then you are with the"enemy" or a traitor. People have been physcally and verbally abused for challenging the war or the accompanying policies.

4. The idea of an infallible leader. A leader who is always correct and can do ANYTHING to safeguard the "sovereignty of the nation"

5. The existence of a 'threat" to this sovereignty. A class of people who are the root of this problem. A class of people who are responsible for this "threat" and all the encompassing problems.

"You should hate them, loathe them, get rid of these people."

This group of people MUST be removed to make everything alright (50 years ago it was the Jews).

People will generally dismiss notions such as this because of the 'I believe what I see" syndrome or "My leader says so" syndrome. But by them it will be too late. Ask any 80 year old German if they thought nazism was coming in 1930 and what leaders say is usually in their interest not the public's best interests.

Some might say that it's the republicans, its the democrats-I got news for you my friend, NONE of them actually decide anything about anything. The muscle behind them actually make the real decisions that just get rubber stamped after an default "debate."

Give fascism a new coat of very thin paint (democracy?), Sprinkle a few glitters of human aide for support by narrow minded civilians. Give power centralisation a new term (nation unions?), Take out the tanks and guns from blitzkrieg and you got yourself the European Union. Call everyone who does not want to join you a "terrorist sympathizers" and invade them to make them "comply". Put on a "liberator" cap on the invasion forces and you are almost done. Congratulations you have managed to dress up fascism as globalisation.

If that doe not smell like the genesis of fascism then I do not know what is.

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