July 09, 2007

How to get round Image hotlinking :Snipshop

I'm sure this has happened to most of us. One day you hotlink an image , it works fine until the hosts blocks the hot link and all you now have is a funny looking blank space.

Other hosts will hit you back with tiny gifs accusing you of hot linking in place of the image. Much to your embarrassment.

The host might not even block you or might simply delete the image!

If you have Firefox on your pc (get Firefox now) then there is a way to get round this little big problem

Install the snipshop add on from the Firefox add on pages.

When you restart Firefox there will be a new function added to the right click

1. when you come across an image that you would like on your blog/website/web blog then simply right click above it and select EDIT IN SNIPSHOP. (click 1)

2. Once in Snipshop just continue to SAVE if you like the image as it is. (click 2)

3. There you have an option of saving it to your pc or flickr or webshots. (click 3)

Personally i prefer Webshots since you do not require an account to save images, plus it is super fast. in just one click you will have a new URL for the same image.

4. You can use this new URL to display the image as you like. Use the URL at the bottom of the list, that is the the core URL.

So in just 3 CLICKS of the mouse you now have a new URL for the same image. This new URL is yours and you are free from any hot-link blocks or erasure by the host of the original image.

The new URL is untraceable, the original host cannot trace and block it.

The legality of this procedure is not established , but it does get you round the bend.

What is more Snipshop can also edit the pics for you.

you can:

Crop, Resize, Re-colour, Add Hues, Change Contrast, Change Sharpness, Change Brightness

All of this online, no desktop program

Its a picturesque world.....

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Joana Morais said...

great advice. thank you