July 11, 2007

Humans Are Lunatics

In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us realise this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.

President Ronald Reagan., Remarks made to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations., Sept. 21, 1987

Well I often ponder about that statement.

Humans are the most undeserving species. To think we actually need an external threat to realise we are the same species.

Variations in phenotype are NOT an undesirable trait unlike what some supremist factions would want to have us believe.

Any biologist or geneticist in their right mind will tell you that variations in phenotype are a way of preserving the species and safeguarding against deletion.

DNA is identical but has so many modes of expression. If you look at a Rhodesian caucasians their skin is practically brown even as children due to the adaptation to their new environment. Their genes had the latent properties to exhibit these phenotype but the environments they were in before, Europe, had not required them to do so. Negroids in the Sudan area have arguably the darkest complexion as it helps then deal with the unforgiving central African sun.

But oddly enough members of the human species view these variations as an undesirable trait. Well if everyone looked like some roman or Greek athlete them disease would wipe us all out in one go. Disease and hostile environment has not been able to wipe us out because we constantly produce variations that adapt. (Besides, it would be rather monotonous if we all looked the same)

Physical appearance is closely intertwined with physiology of the body and is a manifestation of adaptation.

Consequently the members of the species who define the desirable trait are from the dominant variation. They disregard all biological considerations.

This is to be expected, from a species that seems set on a path of self destruction. I often compare humans to virus and the earth to an infected cell, humans are slowly but surely killing it, contrary to their best interests (considering our idea of a space travel is 6 guys in a giant fire cracker)

A little knowledge is dangerous.

What astounds me is how many supposedly superior caucasians spend a lot of their time trying to achieve a caramel or tan look much similar to light skinned negroids. Or the negroids who spends copious funds under the knife trying to narrow down their noses, and skins lightening products trying to look more like caucasians.

It seems here that each is trying to appear more like the other but for different reasons.

The first because they realise as much as their society is dominant the look of their skin is less glorious, usually pale and it turns blue in cold and bruises quite easily, at older ages veins begins to show through. this is much unlike the resilient skins of the other which stands up quite well to weather and stress.

The later because they want to gain acceptance in the dominant society. This is much evident in the female behavior of negroid women who attach extensions to make their hair appear longer.

This is a sad development in human society as a whole.

Humans, i believe, would have been far more developed but we are more concerned about phenotype than our progress as a whole. Humans devote energy to trivial things of little consequence in the long run. For example it is common knowledge that fossil fuel is a ticking time bomb but no one steps off the gas, the oil companies would not let off, profit is a bit more important, alternatives take a back seat.

Wars are still actually being fought over this fuel which will run out. Viable alternatives inspired by the likes of brilliant minds Tesla have been collecting dust on shelves.

Americans support a war with a country I bet more than half of them cannot even find on a map or even give a viable reason why they are fighting ( which is obviously different to why they started the war in the first place)

Some African leaders are behind modern day holocausts even though we have the benefit of tv and internet but all everyone else is really concerned about is if the price of diamonds from these countries goes up or down.

To any observer we are well truly mad.

We send someone to prison for 20 years for fraud but 12 years with parole for murder. You can kill a dozen people and then just claim insanity and you are off the hook for "psychological illness".

a soldier can receives a medal of honour even though 6 out of every 10 people he killed were non-combatants.

Poor people pay a higher percentage of their income as tax than rich people. ( and I hear that the American constitution does not have provisions for tax. Therefore tax is allegedly illegal but still people must pay anyhow, interesting.)

My little brother once asked my after watching an episode of The X files,

"Why don't aliens come to visit, I want to see an alien."

I told him something about them being too far away to make it. But I should have said,

"Its because they are avoiding us, they think we are stark raving lunatics!"


Ramani said...

Interesting post, diddy. By the way, your Neo looks jazzy.

diddy47 said...

thanx for the comment, i'm glad you think so..well it was all possible because of your hacks