July 11, 2007

Medical Research Solution?

People have long been advocating animal rights.

This is perfectly absurd. Considering we are omnivores. Humans forget that fundamental fact that as much as we have the power of reason/logic (which most of don't use for any greater good) we are inherently animals ourselves.

Since we are animals we belong to a food chain. Considering this, it is highly desirable to be high up this list as possible. preferably at the top, I'd like to believe we are, in most circumstances, ignoring the odd surfer and the Steve Irwin wannabe.

That said, other animals WILL continue to die on our kitchen or lab tables.

Activists have a very noble cause but it will not be achieved at the cost of the human race. What is a 100 rats if it means a cure for cancer. How many rats are equal a human life.

It is odd thinking that the majority of these activists who terrorise drug companies are the people in the hospital demanding the best medicine. How do they think the medicine is developed.

I came across an activist who proposed that we should use humans to conduct experiments. Especially death row convicts. This person suggested that we use only those who have been proven guilty beyond a shadow of doubt like the Ted Bundy's and Church tower Sniper. It initially sounds like a good idea doesn't it. why, these murderers killed people and are now leeching on tax money lets use them.

One problem. Have you ever taken a read on the Nazi soldiers who ran concentraion camps, the one that had to kill the people.

I imagine some scientist going to infect some guy with , say Ebola virus so that they can test their new miracle drug. This will eventually it will take its toll on his conscience and may even break him, making may compromise his work.

unless robots are doing it i don't see it being a viable option

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