July 12, 2007

Predetory Advertising

I have come across some amazing banners promoting Firefox but this one takes the cake

I have never seen such a predatory advertisement. I wonder what it would be like if brands all over did this in formal advertising.

In most adverts the competition is vaguely defined. take for example, say for bleach advert, the brand bleach is shown to be batter than another bleach in a plain unmarked bottle.

The depiction of Firefox here is by no means an exaggeration. Firefox has indeed taken a big bite out of the IE pie, whisking away a good many web users with its flexible and customizable browser.

Obviously this is not a formal banner, but what if it where. Would anyone be offended, would it be good for the market. Would it turn the marketing industry into a battlefield with axes and daggers? It does speak the truth. I noticed banks and supermarkets started to one up each other in comparisons of interest rates or prices of goods.

Firefox Outfoxes IE

bLaugh looks better in Firefox. In fact, we’ve gone out of our way to optimize our GIFs for Firefox. Everybody knows that graphics render themselves better in Firefox. Internet Explorer makes images look like graphics, whereas Firefox makes images look more image-like. We think Firefox is teh shiz.

Firefox can cure cancer. Firefox can help us achieve world peace. Firefox can cure hunger. Firefox is the most secure browser because God (himself) coded it. Firefox this, that, and the other thing. We’re going to get massive attention because we mentioned the word Firefox. Asa Dotzler is our pimp.

We created a bLaugh Firefox plugin that will let you know when the latest bLaugh comic has been published - and nobody will be able to create a similar plugin for Internet Explorer. Opera who?

Source: FirefoxFacts.com
Domain: FireFirefox.com

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