July 02, 2007

Problem Solution Effect

The extent of the sheepish behaviour of the human race is dumbfounding

Sometimes I think God was betting a little too high when he made humans 'in His image'.

I live in London and recently there has been of a series of "foiled" "terror attacks" on the great city and surrounding locations.

What astounds me is the timing of these "attacks". Even more is the circumstances around the "attacks"

Firstly it can be considered luck that the police found the first "bomb' (no conclusive evidence that it was a bomb...if there is they have gone to no great pains to assert it). But to find a second one under similar circumstances within a matter of hours is beyond chance.

About the burning car that was being driven at an airport, hmmm I don't think that incident warrants the attention it is getting. It is undeniably a crime but branding it a "terror attack" is stretching the fact somewhat.

Note also that non of the devices actually went off, this is a sure sign of amateurs at work not some great and terrible terrorist organisation. Also note how the situations were controlled, everything contained, almost a routine.

There are overtones hint of foreknowledge here. This could be either through clever detective work or some offhand involvement. If it is the first them odes to them and maybe these super sleuths should offer their endearing services to the ailing American occupation force in irq, they find themselves facing the full brunt of car bombs, the Yankees could sure use a hand.

In the case of the later scenario it would defeat all reason why a government would inflict such scare tactics on its own populace unless you look at it at the angle of introduction of controversial legislation.

This is fast becoming a popular theme this 21st century.

If a government wants to introduce controversial legislation, the public will reject it outright. So what does the government do. They have to create a situation were the controversial situation becomes attractive to the populace or even make the populace demand it.

For example the Patriot act in the Us was introduced days after 9/11. This act would have been flung out of congress had been presented before 9/11. But after 9/11 the American public embraced it. There is alleged considerable evidence that the Patriot act bill was drawn up long before 9/11. Hmmm.

The bill allowed a whole range of civil rights violation. the right to privacy was violated with phone, email taps and home raids without warrants. before 9/11 no American would have agreed to these but after 9/11 they are seem as essential.

But even when the "terror is gone" the bill is NOT dissolved, it remains in effect as law!

So the end result is that the government has succeeded in taking away another sliver of civil rights from the unwitting populace.

Same thing in England

Stop and search would have been unheard of before 7/9. But after that it became routine. Home raids have become common place on the news. police can even get away with shooting and killing civilians now. Police could now suddenly hold you for close to a month without charge!

Just a show of how the guard on civil rights is relaxed just because there is a terror threat that no one can substantiate before or after the event.

All they ever do is speculate over the possible perpetrators.

I predict that within a few days or weeks there will be new anti terror legislation passed to counter the recent "attacks". My bet these legislations were just sitting in some government safe waiting to be unveiled on the sheepish public.

What disturbs me most is that the public thinks this is for their own good, it might very well be. But they don realise that after the perceived threat is gone the legislation will remain in effect non the less an civil rights remain compromised

That brings me to the source of the threat. Well I'm just about fed up with the Osama rhetoric. It's a bit overplayed.

The government accuses distant vague characters to be behind all the "attacks". This is a far cry considering that Osama the leader of Al Quaeda has kidney problems and needs a dialysis machine once so often and has been seen entering a Pakistani hospital less than a stone throw away from an American base.

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