June 28, 2007

Soldiers Die So What?

It never ceases to amaze me how twisted the human populace can be.

I cannot understand how millions of people can be more concerned about Paris Hilton than about the global warming that might threaten their very existence! And not to mention that Paris Hilton (or any other celebrity) would not even bat an eye lid for this sheepish populace.

Sometimes I wonder if humans really deserve to dominate this planet. I accept that humans can be exceptionally brilliant but it is also fair to say that the majority are just a bunch of sheepish empty vessels that idolise anything and destroy anything.

scientist often refer to virus and such but the biggest virus is the human. It is slowly driving nature to the breaking point. what is odd about this is that you'd think by the way humans waste fresh water and oil they have zillions in reserve. Far from the truth.

Even virus are smart enough to have an ejection plan. When the cell dies after they have used up all its nutrients they destroy iit and occupy another. What will happen when our cell (the earth has been leached dry of recourese) . Do we have an ejection plan? I wish.

The US, supposedly the almighty nation can hardly send a dozen people to other outer orbit. The moon was a stretch and even that has highly questionable credibility. Even if it was real it was a fluke and cannot be done again let alone find another planet to settle.

So that means we are stuck here. Despite the fact that we know we can't up and leave, that we know we are wasting resources for luxury. that's human nature for you

Well I can only see one thing in the future.

The next big war will not be about some terrorist or some country trying to get nukes.

It will be about control of dwindling resources.

Iraq is a flashing neon sign of the times to come. Situations will get more desperate and more confrontational and states will became more direct about their campaign, no more fake reasons for invasions etc.

I watch the news and they are reporting that soldiers have dies in Iraq! what, they got to be kidding me. Soldiers are supposed to fight and die. that's the whole point of war.

I watched sky news people being interviewed and expressing shock on the soldiers been killed.

I think people have been watching too many GI Joe movies or Air Force One movies where only the "bad guys' die. I say wake up you idiots, you are at war soldiers die, that should not be news, its just a fact.

This is also a manifestation of the superiority complex. Well the deaths only serve to confirm the opposite, Besides even the kill tally is warped since the higher percentage of those killed by invasion forces are actually civilians.

Humans, i hate to say it but I think that God aimed a bit low by deciding we should run this joint. I bet he did it out of curiosity.

"Hmmm, I wonder. Will they all kill each other in one bloodbath hell ball nuclear war or will they last long enough to destroy the geo-eco-system and go out in one blazing sun bath."

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