June 26, 2007

Michael Jackson?

They certainly rocked his world, what with the new molestation charges and legal battles. I just had to react to this new episode. Hang on...this is not a "he is not guilty" gag neither am I condemning him.

How did all this start, well Michael was and still is the number one entertainer of all time (no contenders have nominated themselves on my last count)....Michael captivated a crowd in a moving, stunning and electrifying way! He influenced the world of dance music even all the way up to B2K, Genuwine, Ciara, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce to name a handful.....( his sister Janet too?) and even some superstars like Usher allegedly admitted to being inspired by the man.

Of interest is Justin's video "Like I love You", it has strong theme similarities to "The Way You Make Me Feel" and Usher's "Caught Up" video theme has similarities to " You Rock My World"...coincidence?

That sound too far fetched for you...dig this. Michael has over 20 number 1 hits and countless "Top Ten" hits. Even up to now other artists are still making remixes of his songs, and making hits with them too. Hi Tech samples "Say Say Say" in their dance hit, someone did " Man In The Mirror", some rock group did " Smooth Criminal" and the beat goes on....I mean they even sell his home demo of "Billie Jean" on the 3 website ( how many artist can sell their demo singles £3.50 a pop...?!)

Any way that beside the point, He successfully heralded the new era of video making from "Thriller" which to my best knowledge still holds the record for best selling home video and music album. The choreography in that video is just mind blowing. It became a milestone in choreography ever since. And "Billie Jean" still does the rounds on club dance floor.

His world tours kept every body glued to telly, the lucky ones who could go to the concerts were guaranteed first class performances ( e.g the leaning forward in "Smooth Criminal" and moon walk). though some complain that he lip sync his songs I have only one thing to say

Brake dance for me whilst singing at the top of your song. Now imagine doing that ALL night for over week!

It is physically impossible.


He knew that lip syncing removed something from the show so he made sure the whole performance was 1st class. Often including thrilling special effects, acts by talented guitarists and captivating original and spectacular choreography.

90 percent of us would be lying if we said we did not try our luck with the moonwalk at some point (only succeeding in sliding our feet backwards on the carpet - which is a far cry). In this respect Michael gave the world what it had never seen before...

In every sense I am afraid... never before had the word watched a cute caramel boy transform into a white man in less than TWO years!

If I am wrong enlighten me, please. Not only was he now white, but also what many people described as "beautiful" (some females getting jealous too?) or more accurately what the Japanese call a Bish┼Źnen . It sent murmurs but he was the man of the moment, talented and what have you....everybody still liked him.

Then came in the down times....personally I think his nose looked FINE, not just that-PERFECT during the "Beat It" era. But alleged repeated surgery put it to its sad state. Some argue he is obsessed with cosmetic surgery and close up images make it very hard to counter that.

This nose business had tongues wagging, but Michael still delivered on stage....and people still loved him for that, besides he did selfless things like "Heal The World"... for many...what he did to his face was his business as long as he was good and as such he remained one of the most photographed person in the world, if not the most.

But it got worse, at some stage, some even said he looked like his charactor in "Thriller", only that this was not make up any more-this coincided with the face mask era. But reports have it that a new surgeon has him looking good and he is out and about now...(refer to bottom picture)

Then came the molestation charges, this set him on fire..contracts were canceled faster than who-o! People calling him a pedophile, I bet this made him wanna "Scream". He shook of them charges...either him just having good lawyers or being innocent-only God can answer. It is interesting to note that it is alleged he made some out of court settlements...but again this allegation is just media fodder.

Coming to this fresh episode, we'll have to see if this one ain't another "gold digger" like some of them have been proven to be( and obviously been told to "Beat It". The charges did not stick so in a way jack is the "Smooth Criminal".Now that i think of it, the kid who accused him of molestation said he had wanted to see Michael and his Neverland as a last wish as he had only a few weeks to live since he had terminal? but who is alive and kicking suing him some 10 years later, the mother was a proven fraudster which threw her son's case down the drain never mind the inconsistencies.

I hear the man is planning a comeback this 2007, so it's a wait and see if he can bring on that magic again or was it all once upon a time there was a big and bright star but it was a shooting star.


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Fazli. said...

Interesting.. He's making a come-back. That's a real good news. I mean, after all that court cases, you have got to have lots of guts to make a come-back.