August 18, 2007

Are We Alone

I have seen many documentaries going on about this idea on the discovery channel. Though they present an interesting topic, frankly they are a bit shallow.

Any human being with a solid mathematical background realizes that it is mathematically improbable that we we are alone. Consider the vast number of star and the planet system around each star, now consider other galaxies!

It is the highest form of arrogance to assume we are the only sentient creatures. A human cannot possibly have a a bigger ego that that. It would be a considerable waste of space don't you think? All of the universe for puny humans.

the very thought of being alone is frightening, but also is the thought of not being alone! If that were the case that we are alone then God aimed a bit low. he certainly had high hopes if you ask me.

Humans are the most undeserving creatures.

Some skeptics and scientist dismiss the notion of other sentients, possibly they are drunk on the idea that they are the most intelligent things around. Maybe scientist or humans do not want to give up to this euphoric self satisfying idea.

One wonders were all the talk of aliens comes from. The main propagators are UFO sightings, video and camera. I must admit that most of the footage put across as evidence is inconclusive and in some cases dodgey.

The footages is mostly obscure lights with no reference of scale that are quickly explained away by questionable 'experts' as weather balloons or flares. Though I do contest that any sane human being can tell the difference between a powered light and a flare light or the deference between a weather balloon and an object darting across the sky faster than a jet fighter.

So why do the conspiracy theories keep coming. The government and 'experts' are themselves the culprits.The conspiracies are fueled by government denials, changing official stories and 'hush-hush' especially on "Roswell' and 'Army Servicemen Sighting' type stories. The half baked explanations by 'experts' for the strange lights/objects zig-zagging and pulling unimaginable manouvours do nothing in the way of quenching the fires of conspiracy theories either.

Whilst there most 'sighting' have logical explanations there is a great flaw in summary dismissal of 'sightings' just because there is no solid evidence. Just as well there is no solid evidence that there was no 'sighting'.

"The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

Then what if the skeptics give in and admit 'others' have been here. Why come in the first place?

The others are intelligent enough to build a ship to transverse space, directly or indirectly. They obviously have more sophisticated society than humans. They have nothing to gain from us. To them we are just a bunch of crudes hell bent on self destruction.(and they had their fingers crossed in 1945 and had made good bets during the cold war)

Well I can offer two reasons why they might be interested in us.

1. They are the all benevolent 'others'. Highly developed. +100 000 years of technology. Is that hard to imagine? Even in the time we have been around, circa 2000 years of civilasation, a race with a better grasp of important things could be atleast 2 times ahead of us if they spent their last 500 years on better things than...

Trying to conquer the world
trying to conquer the world
Trying to enslave anyone who has less guns than you
Trying to conquer the world
Trying to wipe out anyone who does not look like you
Build a-bombs
Trying to wipe out anyone who does not agree with you
Trying to wipe out anyone you think/suspect is against you(even if you are high on paranoia)
Build more a-bombs

If anyone was asked to draw up a list of human activity in the last 500 years they would come up with a list like that. Aren't we a lovable bunch!

It is particularly the last one that might be an interest to our benevolent 'others'. They might not be thoroughly impressed at all with our little toys, unlike our George Bushes and Dick Chaney's.

You see they would have had any problems wen we played with the other little toys but this toys can have cosmic effects . Apparently there are unconfirmed reports that the US tested a nuke in space. Nukes leave a distinct signature in space that can be detected from light years away. These signatures are So different from natural radiation patterns they are analogous to firing a flare and screaming. "There are sentients here!"

So you can conceive why our benevolent other would be very much interested in our toys and are dropping by to check stuff out.

2. Then comes the 'others' who have been depicted in almost every SCI-Fi movie. The 'we want everything you got' others, the malevolent. These could be your average predators looking for any resources to colonise. Their behaviour is much akin to ours. read any text book about what happened when a technologically advanced civilisation met a less advanced one. Its so common its cliche.

Hence the apprehension of the benevolents about our toys. They certainly don not like the attention that would come with our reckless nuclear signatures that are being broadcast to anyone who cares to listen.

The "There are sentients here!" quickly becomes
"There are a whole bunch of half wit egotistic sentients here begging to be pruned!"

This conjecture culminates to the estimation that the benevolents are the ones that are closer to us. This is drawn upon the elusive behaviour and "checking you out' kind of routine. A malevolent by nature would not indulge such trivialities.

Then again these are just conjectures. One can only wonder at the possibilities

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Charles Rey said...

"Any day now we could have an existential shock when it's announced that scientists have identified an earth-like twin in outer space,"

"A new wave of satellites is going up in orbit, which could settle the question once and for all. And we hope to find other planets with liquid oceans that can perhaps recreate the conditions for life that we found on the planet Earth."

Professor Michio Kaku, a theoretical scientist at City College.