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August 20, 2007

View favourite blogs without leaving your blog!

The epitome of boredom.

Tinkering around is the inevitable result.

So today I came up with this after performing a blogospy on several blogs and combining the functions.. Ramani's Neo blog gave me the idea.

This new function...i donno how to classify it...can be put as an HTML page element.

What does it do...?

It allows you to check the most recent posts of your favourite blogs without you having to leave your blog. In other words you do everything in one window. say you want to check on Y's latest posts just select Y on the drop down menu and the little function will fetch Y's latest posts and display them in your blog. You can do the same for X and Z without needed to open a new page or refreshing.

As a bonus you get to view your favourite blogs in your template style....!

Not only can you just view the latest posts from your favourite blogs, you can also comment, using your comment link, on them from within your blog...!

All you have to do is substitute the BLOGID from www.BLOGID.blogspot.com with the relevant blog throughout the form for each different blog you like....

Then copy and past into an HTML page element.

Save and you are ready with your "Blog Reader"/"Check-Em"?

function getBlogPosts() {
url = 'http://' + document.checkup.blog.value + '.blogspot.com/';
fetchLatestPosts(url, '');
<form action="" name="checkup">
Check-On-Them:<br/> http://<select name="blog" type="dropdown">
<option value=""/>Please Select ...
<option value="BLOGID1"/>BLOGID1
<option value="BLOGID2"/>BLOGID2
<option value="BLOGID3"/>BLOGID3
<option value="BLOGID4"/>BLOGID4
<option value="BLOGID5"/>BLOGID5
<input value="Submit" onclick="javascript:getBlogPosts();" type="button"/<>br/<>br/>

The highlighted colours show the parts of the code that can be changed without affecting functionality.
The text in italics can say anything you like as long as it is not too long, otherwise the form will loose symmetry.
The Red text can be changed to "Go" if it suits you better (or other similar button functions)
The option values is set at 5 in this one but you can add as many as you like by adding more

<option value="BLOGID#"/>BLOGID# to the bottom before </select>

Similarly you can reduce the number of options.

(NB:For blogs with Neo type functionality)

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