August 29, 2007

I came to take the little girl

Hallo, my name is Death
No, no ,no don't be alarmed
I'm not here to take you
I'm here to take your little girl
Because I want to
Because I can

I'm an angel
I can go around killing little boys and girls all day
And I don't have to answer to anyone
I can do that
The only thing you can count on in your whole existence
Is never knowing why

Now where is that little cute pumpkin
Don't hide her from me
You don't want to make me mad
You got guts
Standing up to me
Looking into my eyes like that
Do you really want to look into my eyes
That's right you can't handle it
Now step aside

Look at it this way
I'm doing you a favour
She is still a cute little cherub
But when she grows up she will be a whore
A harlot maybe
Then she would have to go to Lucifer's place
You wouldn't like that would you
No...I thought as much
How do I know
I know

I'm gonna have to rip her apart into little pieces of course
But don't matter
I will take her to a nice place

Here is the little boy
Charming little kid
That premature birth
That was me
I came to see him
Couldn't wait you see
Teach the boy mathematics
Its the key to the universe

There she is
Oh what a lovely little girl
Don't cry, don't cry
Don't you cry
Shut up, now
Don't worry she won't be alone
I'll be back for you soon

(inspired by Gabriel in 'The Prophecy')


Anonymous said...

Great work... and inspired by one of my favorite movies. Walken just chews up a scene, doesnt he?

diddy47 said...

exactly my sentiments...that movie is one of my best...Walken really makes a masterpiece of his character