August 29, 2007

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave

I just saw a banner that said: What can we do to make the cure for cancer a priority?

We...Nothing! a resounding nothing at that. These pigeons must be high on sweetener. Make cyr for cancer a priority...huhck....these people probably believe that Superman is real. Get this through your head. It ain't never gonna happen baby doll.

The drug companies learnt their lesson on smallpox. Man they went all out on that one. legions of scientists working on a cure for that ma'f****. And what did they get for that...a quick boots in sales and everyone forgot about it after the epidemic was under control. Same thing with polio and others.

So now just it playing the "smile and wave boys, smile and wave". Why, they are making billions on cancer therapy , no need to whip up a cure really as far as their account books are concerned and believe me the account books make a lot of the policies. Contrary to the humanistic, 'save the world' rhetoric.

Besides cancer is not an emergency like say the plague or smallpox. There is no sense of alarm so it will continue to take the back seat because more often than not cancer is as a result of lifestyle.

All this make the world a better place talk is just really day dreaming. As long as there is money and some resources of one sort or the other to be plundered you can kiss your toothless Un bye bye. They are just scarecrows.

Even the amazon, when push comes to shove, the multi-national companies will trample it albeit tree hugger rantings. Today tree huggers are only tolerated because the multi-nationals can afford it. What about the consequences?

Well believe it or not the multi-nationals have thought about it and probably have more research data on ozone depletion that any tree hugger organization and they probably have already worked out ways to commercially exploit the consequences.

So cancer, Aids, global warming and ozone depletion are probably on the 'To Do' last page just under 'ending human torture' and nuclear disarmament.

Wondering what is on the first 100 pages...its simple. After 'Get Rich'... there is this all the way until the last page

'Get More...Get More...Get More..."

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